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Tues, 10 Apr 07 - “ One False Move “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ One False Move “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 10 Apr 07 - Episode # 4392)

Jack is talking to a fellow (unknown male) police officer at the diner when Martha enters – with cam right behind her. Jack intervenes, as Martha indicates that she is NOT keen to speak to cam.

Jack then goes upstairs – and speak to Martha in the diner flat. She is way in tears – insisting that she must be a magnet for guys who lie to ppl. Jack insists that that isn’t really Martha’s fault.

As they continue to talk, things get quite pleasant tween them – and Martha even accepts an invitation to have dinner with jack tonight.

Jack then bails (after he receives a police related call on his mobile). When she gets to her his police car (diner car park), he sees Cam – and insists that cam should leave Martha alone. Jack then does the usual bay thing – she says that we’ve (the baysiders) won [the battle for Martha].

Martha goes out to the diner flat. Martha eventually lets him in. he ants to know what is rally go on with Martha – esp. given Alf’s comments about Martha having tough times before she met cam.

Martha slowly tells him about the whole ash debacle – she is way crying as she does, and cam comforts/hugs her. He then uses jack’s words against him – he tells Martha about jack's comment about winning.

Son after, at the hunter place, jack is talking to Tony as he prepares the meal for himself & Martha. Tiny bails, and Martha enters seconds later. She is REALLY annoyed with jack for saying that. He insists that it he didn’t exactly men that comment the way that cam took it – but jack insists that he will keep on hounding Martha until she sees some sense.

Martha bails in disgust – and goes to the rocket club. She tells cam that she’s going to give him another go – as long as there is NO secrets tween them from now on. Cam of course agrees [obviously “forgetting” that he tricked her into dancing in the 1st place) and they kiss. (Note – I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OVER these storylines of making Martha look like a complete and utter moron)

As sally & brad etc talk to Dan about the whole lily situation, Cass enters the house. She tells them about how Kyle openly attacked her in the surf club. Sally &Dan agree that the police should get involved.

Jack & another male office go to lily’s house. Jack talks to lily, while that other officer stays with Kyle & Brenda in another room. Jack asks lily if she has anything to say.

Soon after, Jack is at the vph. He tells Cass, sally & co that lily didn’t tell him anything about what Kyle “might” be doing to her, so his hands are tied.

After jack bails, Sally, Dan & brad decide to go out too. Cass insists on stay home – maddie stays with her, but as soon as the olds are gone, Cass (with maddie in two) goes to lily’s house.

They go inside and quickly find lily – but Kyle comes inside soon enough. Both Cass & lily are way scared. Cass almost can’t believe that Kyle is talking to lily like her owns her.

Cass tells maddie to get help – and in the seconds that Kyle initially tries to go after maddie, lily & Cass go & lo0ck themselves in another room.

Kyle bashes on door – after eventually breaks though =- but just as he grabs lilly, Alf, brad, ric & jack arrive. Jack & another officer haul Kyle into the police car – just as Brenda gets home. She wonders what is going on – and why sally & co continue to stick their nose in her business. Sally insists that, despite how hard a life Brenda has, she should ALWAYS put her children 1st.

Soon after, however, things get bad again, when (at vph) Cass & lily are told (by jack’s latest partner) that Kyle is already out on bail (with money supplied by Brenda).

After yth cop leaves, Cass assures lily that she is safe here – but (of course) whilst the camera focuses on Cass (dining room), we hear noises nearby. When Cass looks around, (in the kitchen) Kyle has the petrified Lily in his clutches !!! (end of ep)


Can Kyle be stopped ???

Amanda comments on how Peter & Lara seem to be close now, AND

Looks like Ryan could be lost in the ocean – could one of Kelli’s plans to scare Amanda have gone TOO far??

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Lily’s red (silver rabbit motif) t shirt/dark blue jacket/brown long pants

SILVER – Kyle’s black (unknown – rock band perhaps? white cooooool looking motif) t shirt

BRONZE – Ric’s black (white typed alphabet) t shirt


Alf’s yellow (thin blue check) button up shirt

Brad’s white (elbow length sleeves) top

Brenda’s sky blue (work?) dress

Cam’s elec blue button up shirt

Cassie’s all colours of rainbow (horizontal stripe, v neck) long sleeve top

Dan’s apple green (grey stripe on left shoulder) t shirt

Irene’s white long sleeve blouse

Jack’s light pink polo shirt

Maddie’s dark aqua (intentionally ruffled) spaghetti strap top

Martha’s choc brown singlet top

Sally’s grey & brown (bush motifs) tube top

Tony’s light-ish blue t

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