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Mon, 9 Apr 07 -“ Reasons (For Me) TO LIKE Cass Again ''

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Reasons (For Me) TO LIKE Cass Again ''

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 9 Apr 07 - Episode # 4391)

Martha & Cam enter the diner flat – after a weekend away at a mate of cam’s B&B. Cam & Martha tell each other how great it is that they found each other. Cam then hands Martha a small box – that she thinks contains an engagement ring, but he insists that it’s not. Martha opens box – and finds the keys to an Alfa Romeo, which Cam says technically is a new company car.

Soon after, as they are talking, Cindy phones cam – she needs a baby sitter for her daughter Crystal, and Martha offers to do so.

Later, when cindery & (8 yr old?) Crystal arrive, Cindy way thanks Martha for doing this.

Martha & Crystal go to the surf when the young girl notes that tension tween Alf (working at Noah’s) an Martha. This leads Crystal to (effectively) telling Martha that CAM !!! is her dad.

Later, after the baby sit8ing is over, and Martha & cam are back in the diner flat, Martha confronts cam about what Crystal said. Cam tell her that its true – and complicated, i.e. he & Cindy have a relationship,. She got pregnant, but neither were THAT serious about it, but cam has agreed to waaay keep supporting Cindy & Crystal financially. Martha is soooooooooooo annoyed (echoes of the whole Ash debacle – and her own decision to abort her pregnancy) and “suggest” that cam leaves the flat.

Soon after, cam & Cindy are talk are the rocket club when Martha arrive. Cindy backs up cam’s tale of the deal about Crystal but Martha doesn’t care. She tells that both that she is quitting. She gives Cindy back that bag of dancing costumes, AND she gives Cam back the keys to the Alfa, to further her pint.

When Martha has bailed, Cam and Cindy both know that they have WAY hit a nerve with Martha – and you get the feeling that cam is DIEING to find out what’s happened in Martha’s’ past to lead to this.

Ric & Maddie are both with Lily at the surf club. Lily is way worried about everything, but Ric & Maddie convince her that they won’t let her come to harm. They convince her to go with them back to the vph, but (unbeknownst t Ric and co), Kyle follows them.

Soon after, Cass (vph) “suggests” to Lilly that she shouldn’t run of like that again. Kyle arrives and you can see that lily is terrified of him, but Cass takes a stand against him – insisting that lily doesn’t have to leave the vph is she doesn't want too, despite Kyle’s suggestions that lily hurts herself and is an attention seeking liar. Kyle bails – and Lilly looks as though she is V appreciative.

Soon after, however, Kyle returns – with lily’s mum Brenda – who insists that her daughter should STOP lying. Lily looks petrified, but Cass holds her ground.

Things get more interesting when Sally & Brad arrive home. Sally & brad can’t believe that the person they thought was Ruby is, in fact, lily!!!

Brenda insists that she wants to talk to lily alone – and they go onto the back patio (of the vph). Lily’s mum “suggests’ that she should stop wasting these ppl’s time. Lily pleads that she not want to go back home – to be beaten again & again, but her mum insists that Kyle pays the rent etc, and lily should be REALLY pleased that Kyle isn’t an alcoholic like lily’s father was (note – obvious suggestions that lily’s mum too has been the victim of domestic violence.

When lily & her mum re enter the house, lily says that she HAS been making it all up, and that she fell down some steps. There’s a downtrodden nothingness to her voice as she says this. Cass can’t believe that this is happening – and that sally & co aren’t fighting this.

After lily, her mum & Kyle bail, cases REALLY lets sally & co know how she feels – i.e. she thinks that (just like maddie did when ric was in prison) that the oldies have bought this in the too hard basket.

Soon after, sally & Cass are o the back patio. Cass is still V annoyed – and she knows that she (Cass) become REALLY adept at lying to ppl when macca was thing her. Sally insists that this situation could have been a lot better if Cass followed the rules, to which Cass says that if they’d gone by those riles, lily wouldn’t have tried to get help. Sally responds to that by saying that because Cass went against protocol, things aren’t any better.

Cass then wonders why sally fought tooth & bail to break up macca & Cass, yet she’s ready to abandon lily. Sally insists that she got involved with the Cass situation as Cass is her daughter, but Cass responds by wondering who is there to save lily. (note - i love the irony of the fact that the one thihgg that made me dislike cass [the whole macca buisness] is kind of the reason i like her again, ie her fight for ppl who are in the sitiuation that she was in)

Later, Cass encounters Kyle at the surf club. She way confronts him – but he garbs her arm. You can see that Cass is petrified herself. Kyle slowly but forcefully wrenches Cassie’s arm to be down by her side. He insists that if Cass wants a piece of what lily is getting, i.e. being bashed, then Cass should keep on confronting him.

The look in Cassie’s eyes and on her face, as/after Kyle walks away, is one of sheer terror (end of ep)


Will Crystal’s secret push Martha into jack’s arms .. or will cam be able to “spin” things so Martha is back in his corner??

Whilst Cass (with Maddie in tow) takes the law into her OWN hands – they go to lily’s house to rescue her !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cindy’s black (black & light blue pleated) spaghetti strap/denim jacket

SILVER – Crystal’s pink skirt/white (multi colour floral print) top

BRONZE – Kyle’s black (unknown – rock band perhaps? white cooooool looking motif) t shirt


Alf’s yellow (thin blue check) button up shirt

Brenda’s sky blue (work?) dress

Cam’s black leather jacket/black t shirt

Lily’s red (silver rabbit motif) t shirt/dark blue jacket

Maddie’s dark aqua (intentionally ruffled) spaghetti strap top

Martha’s choc brown singlet top

Ric’s black (white typed alphabet) t shirt

Sally’s grey & brown (bush motifs) tube top

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