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Summer Devils

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Story Title: Summer Devils

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Zoe, Kelli, Johnny

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC

Summary: Zoe, Kelli and Johnny terrorise the Bay. How many people will get killed?

This is a short fic for Sarah_Lewis B'day, I've written most of it, just stuck with the ending, so here enjoy the first part.

Summer Devils

Johnny's Cell.

A female officer opened the door, she strolled in like she owned the place.

"Are you Johnny Cooper?"

"What about it?"

"If you are, you'd want Sally Fletcher dead?"

He glared at her.

"I didn't sign up for 20 questions".

She smirked at him.

"I'm officer McCallister, but you can call me Zoe and I think we have a lot in common".

A police car on the out skirts of Summer Bay.

"So your not a cop?" Johnny asked, Zoe sighed.


Johnny stared at her.

"What do you want with me?"

"It's simple,you want Sally Fletcher dead and I want Summer Bay destroyed".

She smiled as he realised who she was.

"Why would I work with you?"

"Because, Summer Bay stole your brother from you".

She smiled, she had him wrapped around her finger.

Fletcher House.

"What do you mean Johnny's escaped?"

Sally gasped, Brad wrapped his arms around her trembling body, Officer Laura Fitzgerald sighed.

"Mr Cooper was aided in his escaped, we're doing everything in our power to catch him and who ever is helping him".

"Is something wrong" Ric asked as he entered with Matilda and Cassie, Sally nodded weakly.

Lookout over Summer Bay.

Johnny slide his sunnies off, pocketing them he turned to Zoe.

"Now what?"

"I would like you to met our lastest member"

Johnny frowned at Zoe, watching as Kelli Vale walked into view.

"Why her?"

"My sister ruined my life, now I'm going to ruin her's" Kelli answered.

Zoe faced the sunset over Summer Bay.

The end was nigh.

Kelli car

"I don't know" Kelli said nervously "I didn't want to kill anyone".

"She took your life from you, don't you think she deserves to feel that" Zoe pushed, Kelli looked conflicted.

" I can't kill her right now"

"So don't, hit her where it hurts"

Who are the first two victims

Is this any good???

please give me feedback, espically if this is bad so I can fixed it.

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heres the next part

Empty Car park – Night.

Brad walked under the bright glow of the street lights, grabbing his keys out of his pocket he walked over to his car.

He saw a dark shadow in the corner of his eye, he looked around.

“Anyone there?”

Seeing nothing he turned back to his car, coming face to face with Johnny.

“Did you miss me mate?”

Something sharp entered Brad before quickly exiting, he fell to the ground, the last thing he heard was Johnny taunting voice.

Outside Summer Bay High- Night

“Thanks for picking me” Belle said cheerfully, hoping into Kelli car. Kelli smiled, Amanda would so paid for what she had done.

“No problem, hey can you put this in the boot please”.

She handed Belle Amanda’s bag.

“isn’t this mum’s”

“Yes it is, I’m taking it back to her”.

Belle nodded and hopped back out, she walked behind the car and waited for Kelli to open the boot.

“This is to easy” Kelli said to herself, she slammed the car into reserve and hit Belle hard before taking off into the night.

Fletcher House.

“I’m so sorry Miss Fletcher” Laura said, Sally dropped what she was carrying and broke into tears.

Ric held Sally as she cried into his shoulder, looking Laura in the eyes he said coldly.

“You better catch him”

Laura nodded and walked back to her car.

Vale mansion

Amanda sat in shock on her couch, Kelli suppressed a smile.

“Many what’s wrong?”

Tears ran down her sister face.

“Belle’s been ran over” she cried, Kelli forced a frown.

“Oh Mandy” she comforted her “At least you still have me and Peter…”

The surf club.

Zoe sat in her car, watching the people enter and exit the building. They were totally unaware of her presence.

She grinned, they would be soon.

She pushed a button on her remote….

And nothing happened.

Starting up her car, she drove out of the car park, In her rear view mirror she watch as the Surf Club exploded in a fire ball.

Fletcher House – next day.

Sally place the phone back on the receiver.

“Who was that?” Ric asked.

“The education board, the school stays open”

Ric jumped out of his seat and looked at Sally.

“What, after Brad and Belle’s deaths and the diner exploding?”

Sally tried to keep a calm face.

“The police don’t think its connected and the board feel that in wake of these tragic events it’s important to keep the school open to keep an air of normalcy”.

Besides she hoped to herself, noone would attack a school?.

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here the next part :)

Next Part

Zoe Hideout

“No way, Killing Belle was one thing…”

“You don’t have a choice” Zoe said forcefully, she watch her minions carefully as she paced the room.

“Remember Johnny, your brother who you only wanted to protect and look after, and how they stole him from you, turned him against you. And Kelli, your sister carelessness almost cost you your life and ruined a big chunk of it, hurt you deeply and didn’t even show any remorse. So look me in the eyes and tell me truthfully that they don’t deserve this!”.

Johnny and Kelli shared a worried glance, before facing Zoe.

“What did they do to you” Johnny asked, Zoe turned back to the window, placing her arms on the windowsill and letting a tear run down her face she took a deep breath.

“They killed my lover”.

Summer Bay High.

Sally watched as the class worked silently, she tried to push the events of the last few days behind her. She sniffed the air, there was a strange scent in the air. Getting out of her seat as the students started to become aware that something was up, she opened the door to the hall, almost immediately thick, black smoke poured into the classroom, blanketing everything.

Zoe smiled as the students rushed out of the doors and windows of the school. Grinning she turned to face Johnny and Kelli who both sat quietly in the back.

“That was a great idea to disable the fire alarm Johnny” she said cheerfully, he smile weakly back at her.

“And it was even better to lie about a major bush fire on the outskirts of town so there would be no fire fighters left in town, Kelli you really are a genius”.

Kelli faked a smile.

“Thanks Zoe” `

Zoe hideout- Later

“Only a day after the diner explosion in Summer Bay which killed 12 people including 2 well known town citizens Alf Stewart and Colleen Smart, there has been a major fire at Summer Bay High killing 20 students and 3 teachers after the fire alarm failed. Local fire fighter were attending a prank call at the time. This follows the tragic deaths of Summer Bay High principal Brad Armstrong and local girl Belle Taylor. Despite this police do not believe the cases are connected”.

Zoe laughed and turned the T.V off.

“Did you hear that?”

She called to Johnny and Kelli, they nodded and smiled. At last they were getting into it.

Vale Mansion.

Amanda was still a wreck when Kelli came in.

“Oh Mandy, you haven’t been drinking have you?”

Amanda tear soaked face turned to face Kelli.

“Everything go so wrong, I don’t know what to do” she cried.

Kelli sat next to her big sis.

“Don’t worry Mandy, I’m here for you”

Amanda smiled a tad, and hugged her sister.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you and Peter”

“I’m glad I can help” Kelli lied.

Amanda stood up.

“I going to go see Peter” she declared in a false strong voice.

Kelli grinned as Amanda walked slowly up the stairs, a minute later she heard Amanda scream out. She rushed up the stair and stood next to a shocked Amanda, Peters dead body lay on the blood soaked bed.

Fletcher house.

“Sal is that you?” Ric called into the darkness, suddenly the lights came on, blinding him.

“Who’s there?” he called, trying to shelter his eyes from the light, he could make out a man come towards him before something hit him hard in the head.

“Ric?” Sally called out, turning on the lounge light, a sleepily Martha came out of her room, she yawn loudly and looked around the room.

“What’s wrong Sal?”

“I heard Ric call my name” Sally cried, Martha nodded in concern, she walked over to the kitchen, Sally turned to go check Ric’s room just as Martha screamed in horror.

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I keep going pass this and getting angry that I couldn't find it to update and then I wa like silly Jane, here it is, at the top- duh

anyway here the next part

Next Part

Fletcher house.

“Hello ladies” Johnny taunted.

“Run Sal” Martha screamed, running out of the kitchen

Johnny grinned and followed them down the hall.

“You can run but you can’t hide ladies”.

Martha swung a chair at him, he dodged it easily and hit back with a cricket bat.

Sally watch in despair as Martha fell to the floor.

“Why are you doing this?” she cried

“You couldn’t keep your nose out of our business, you turned my own brother against me”

Vale Mansion

Amanda took off down the stair, Kelli raced after her.

“Mandy don’t, your not fit to drive” she pretend to beg, Amanda raced out of the house and hopped into the car. Kelli watched with a sinister smile as her sister sped out of the driveway and onto the road.

She flicked opened her cellphone.

“Hey, yeah it’s me, it’s done.”

Zoe hideout.

Zoe tapped her foot impatiently, what was taking Johnny so long, she shook her head. Never send a man to do a woman job. Well at least some of the plan was holding together, by tomorrow everyone would believe that it was Amanda who killed everyone, it would be the tragic story of the year, mum goes crazy and kills half the town after accidentally running over her own daughter. She let out a small laugh but that would be the end of it, no Summer Bay would be nothing more a speck of dusk when she was finished.

Police station

“Hello, Constable Jack Holden speaking”

“Jack, its me” Sally whispered.

“Sally, whats wrong?”

“Johnny’s in my house and he’s killing everyone, he trying to kill me, he going to kill us” Sally cried into the phone.

“Sal calm down, I’m send a car over now”

“It will be too late by then mate” Johnny’s hard voice said

“Sal I’m going to get you, you can’t hide from me”

“Jack, help me!” Sal cried desperately before the phone went dead in his ear, Jack jumped out of his seat and grabbed his jacket.

“Well if it isn’t everyone’s favorite Constable”

Jack turned to see Zoe standing behind him.

“What do you want Zoe?”


She smiled as Kelli shot Jack twice in the back.

“Nice aim” Zoe commented

“Thanks, it’s a shame though, cute bod”

“I guess” Zoe commented, Kelli followed Zoe out of the police station, leaving Jack to bleed to death.

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This is the last part, hope you like

Last Part

Fletcher house.

“Sally you can’t hide” Johnny tip toed though the house, checking each room. He stopped and glared at a picture of Sally, Ric, Cassie and Rocco, picking it up he smashed it on to the floor. Rocco had been his brother, his family. Not theirs, how dare they take him from him.

“Im going to kill you” he screamed.

Summer Bay Park.

“What now” Kelli commented, she had killed the two most important people in Amanda’s life, the surf club and High School were gone and the Fletcher bunch were history.

Zoe frowned deeply at the ground.

“I don’t know, maybe we should move on”

Road in Summer Bay.

Amanda roar down the street, the pain hurt so much, the lost of Peter and Belle was too much. She shook her head as she near the corner for the end of the street, she had to be strong for Ryan, he need a mum, his real mum. She went to jam on the brakes but she hit the accelerator by mistake and crashed into a power pole.

Fletcher house.

“Hi I’m home” Cassie called out to an dark house, she flicked on the light and Ric dead body lay on the floor, she screamed and ran into the lounge with Martha laid unconscious bleeding from a wound in her head.

“Sally!” she called racing up the stairs, a dark shadow waited at the end of the hall.


The figure didn’t move, Cassie edged towards it.

“Sally is that you?”

Cassie could just make out the shape of a man.

“Who are you?”

she slowly walked closer, suddenly Sally shot out of one of the rooms.

“Run Cassie” she screamed, Cassie didn’t even think about, just taking off after Sally. The dark figure ran towards them.

Summer Bay Park.

Zoe and Kelli walked under the moonlight when a cop ran over to them.

“Freeze” he shouted.

“I don’t think so”Zoe pulled out her gun.

“Not this time Eve”

Zoe turned to see Peter standing behind her with half of Summer Bay police force, Kelli looked over in fear.

Zoe smirked.

“Your too late Peter, Sally’s dead by now”.

“Its over Zoe” Peter said firmly, pushing her into the cop car.

She smiled.

It wasn’t over yet.

Fletcher house.

Sally raced into the kitchen followed closely by Cassie and Johnny. Johnny reached for Cassie shirt and grab causing Cassie to fall.

“Sally stop unless you want her to die”.

Johnny held the knife over Cassie frightened body.

“Johnny, don’t do this” she pleaded with him, he grinned at her.

“Its you or her”

“Sal run” Cassie screamed, Johnny smacked her across the face.

“Leave her alone Johnny”

“Make me”

“We will” Two cops walked in with guns pointed at Johnny.

“Its over Johnny”.

Johnny smirked.

“Its not over”

He dropped the knife on Cassie as the two officers shot him in the chest, the knife plunged into Cassie’s body.

“Cassie” Sally screamed, rushing next to her.

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