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Fri, 6 Apr 07 - “ Ruby .... And Bowls Team Irene ??? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Ruby .... And Bowls Team Irene ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 6 Apr 07 - Episode # 4390)

Colleen enters the diner (for her shift) but she’s all flustered as she has been kicked of the bowl’s team for having some of a foreign cheese platter (or something like that).

Colleen starts drinking the cooking cheery …. But she thinks it’s gone off, but then Irene or Leah points out that she is drinking VINEGAR !!!

Irene & Leah knows that colleen won’t get any work done until this is resolved, so they arrange (in secret) to get Colleen & betty to Leah’s place.

Both (colleen & betty) aren't pleased at the deception, but Irene & Leah insists that this must be resolved. Leah even says that she’ll get one of her suppliers to inport some of the cheese form overseas. That doesn't settle things, as when colleen says that she is look fwd to play big tournament next week, betty says that colleen’s form is erratic and that whilst she is back on the squad, she won't be in team for the tournament.,

Colleen says will start own team - and beat betty’s – with (the astounded) Leah & Irene as some of her team’s players !!!

Alf is talk to Tony (diner) about making things up to Martha for way that he spoke to her recently). Martha comes downstairs (in bikini – no doubt headed for beach) and alf overhears 2 guys nearby talking about seeing Martha dance at the club -0 and they wish that Martha would give them a private showing. Alf gets up …. But Tony “suggest” that he not act.

After Martha returns to the diner flat, Alf goes up and talks to her, but he makes in V clear that he is not happy about guys that about her that way. Martha of course attacks back – telling Alf (in tears) that he is obviously ashamed of her. When Alf goes (on Martha’s insistence), Martha is still crying – you get the feeling that she once more can’t admit that she is wrong.

When Alf goes back downstairs, Tony & Irene both suggest that Martha isn’t responsible for what ppl say about her etc.

Spoon after, Alf goes back up to the diner flat – and tries to make things up to Martha, but she is sooooooo not ready to listen, and insists (probably to cement Martha’s new lifestyle in her OWN mind) that n one of the guys as the club made Martha fel as cheap as Alf did today.

Alf then bails. (wondering what to do next).

AT lily’s place, lily offers to get Kyle a beer – so he not go into kitchen and find madddie *& Cass. Kyle say that he is go outside to work on the car – and when he does, lily tries to get Cass & madde to bail form the house. Cass wants lily to come with them, but lily insist on stay.

Just as lily has got madddie & ca soit a side door, Kyle re enters the house., wondering what is happening.

When madddie & Cass rtn to the vph, they wonder f ways to get lily away form that house – and they come up with the idea of getting lily into this (vph) house – and say that she is cassia’s old friend form the city.

When sally & brad arrives home, Cass tells them that she has invite old friend to say. When sally ask, its MADDIE who says that the friend’s name is RUBY. Cass thank madddie for this when sally is out of the room.

Spon after, cassia & madddie re enter the house – with lily., who think stat she shouldn’t be here, but the girls convince her o stay.

Latter, when everyone (madddie, Cass, sally, brad, Alf, and “ruby”) are having diner, whenever “ruby” is asked a question, either cass or madddie either is for her.

When diner finishes, ric comments that he heard cassia’s phone ring – thought it might be lily, which prompts lily to drop the dishes that she is carry to the sink, as ric tends to her bloodied hand, he sees that bruises on her arms.

Next day, sally asks cass if something is going on with “ruby” –as he wouldn’t answer questions of her parents etc (note – I’m guessing that lily doesn’t have the imagination of madddie & Cass).

After sally & bread bail to go for walk, madddie enters and Ric comes downstairs as well. He wonders about “ruby”, so Cass * madddie are forced to tell him the whole story – whish of course lily overhears.

Lily rushes into the main room – insisting that she never have trusted Cass. Lilly runs out of the house.

Maddie & ric start took fir lily – as Cass promise sally that she look after little pippa, but hey not the only ones (we see Kyle enter diner, lily not there so he bail again) .

Ric eventually finds lily hiding near the diner, he insists that he won’t dob her in – and he is quite skilled at hiding ppl (think belle when she 1st arrived bayside).

Lilly can see that ric IS on her side – but then she see the Kyle is watching ric & lily form afar (end of ep)


A (10 yr old?) girl tells Martha a secret … will, this push her into jack’s arms .. or will cam be able to “spin” things so Martha is back in his corner??


Looks like Ryan could be lost in the ocean – could one of Kelli’s plans to scare Amanda have gone TOO far??

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s grey & brown (bush motifs) tube top & skirt

SILVER – Lily’s red (silver rabbit motif) t shirt/dark blue jacket

BRONZE – Maddie’s dark aqua (intentionally ruffled) spaghetti strap top


Alf’s blue & yellow check button up shirt

Brad’s grey (with blue vertical strip at the centre) button up shirt

Cassie’s “Dutch” orange (polo shirt collared) halter top & matching short shorts

Cassie’s all colours of rainbow (horizontal stripe, v neck) long sleeve top

Irene’s black (white rope pattern) top

Leah’s grey (with pleats on the front) singlet tip

Lily’s royal blue t/denim jacket/white knee length shorts

Maddie’s white spaghetti strap top/white halter bikini top/wide black belt

Martha’s black (jewelled “collar”) spaghetti strap top

Martha’s grey bikini top (with red towel as “skirt”)

Ric’s black (white typed alphabet) t shirt

Ric’s light blue (unknown black motif) t

Sally’s black top/black (with white vertical stripes either side) shorts

Tony’s green (with lighter green horizontal trip across chest) polo shirt

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