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Thurs, 5 Apr 07 - “ The End Of Rachel/Kimmy ??? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The End Of Rachel/Kimmy ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 5 Apr 07 - Episode # 4389)

Kit (hospital) tells Rachel that she is waaaaaaaaaaaay worried about James – and now wishes that she’d not been so kind of hash when she told him they have no future together.

Meanwhile, kimmy enters his * Rachel’s place, and finds James there. Kimmy is more than a tad shocked – and verbally attacks James for just letting himself in like that etc. James insists that Rachel discharged him from the hospital – and that if he keeps on his meds, he will be fine.

James tells kimmy that he is here to apologise to kimmy for what he’s done. Kimmy seems to accept this – and indeed (on front porch), James expresses how sorry he is for everything that he has done () to both kit & to kimmy). James then asked kimmy one last favour.

At the hospital, Rachel, kit and to a lesser extent Hugh are way worried about James. Although kit delays it as much as she can, Rachel eventually convinces her that calling the police is the only option now.

Kimmy & James (in kimmy car) pull up at a bus stop. James tells kimmy that he is going away – both to get help, and to far form Kit (and the trouble he has caused her). The bus arrives – and James gets on bus.

Back at the hospital, Rachel & co are way worried about James still, when Kimmy approaches. When he tells them that he has been with James ANDF that James has just bailed from the bay, Rachel in partic can’t believe it. She “suggests” that kimmy should know her better than to discharge a patient with James’ problems for quickly etc.

When they get home, Rachel & kimmy continue thereof “discussion”. Rachel insists that kimmy has deliberate agreed with everything that James was saying (partic about bail from the bay) because kimmy has feared that james will become more important in kit & the baby’s life than him. Kimmy can’t believe that Rachel is saying all this – and he bails.

Kimmy goes over the hunter place – where he talks to kit. She seems waaaaay lees harsh on him for doing what he did (helping James bail form the bay).

Meanwhile, Rachel is talking to Hugh at her place. She is way in tears as she tells him that she is waaaaaaaaaaay worried that she & kimmy have had yet another big fight over yet another different issue - and Hugh of course consoles her (note – whilst I like the possible notion of a kimmy/Rachel break up, that will probably lead to kimmy/kit back together – and Rachel/kimmy is the lesser of 2 evils)

Sally (vph) surprises Cass when she tells her that a family that just bailed form the van park bought one of charity calendar. Sally continues by saying that the wife of the family who have just bailed told sal that the calendar is the BEST souvenir of her time in the bay.

Talk turns to the help line – where Cass says that they’ve been getting some calls but not a great deal. Cass then gets a text form Lily – wondering when they can meet, but (of course) at the same tomes, Cass responds to a question by sally bey saying that lily hadn’t been in contact with her.

Maddie arrives at the vph, and she & Cass agree to both do an assignment together and have lunch at the diner.

At the diner, whilst Maddie & Cass are talking nearby, Irene shows sally some of her holiday pics – and mentions that she & Beth missed seeing each other (in Rome) by one day.

Back to maddi & Cass, - Maddie is trying to talk about their assignment but Cass (phone in hand) is clearly distracted, indeed, Maddie deliberately says that Luke has told her the she is never coming back form the writers camp and WAAAY thanks belle for entering his story. Maddie then confronts Cass – as she knows by cassia’s answer (“that’s great”) to her Luke story that Cass hasn’t been listening.

Cass then knocks over her juices – and whilst she & Irene tray to clean it up, Cassie’s phone rings – Maddie sees that’s its lily calling – but she doesn't say anything to Cass.

The latter then tells maddi that she remembers that she has to do something else today6 – and after Cass bails form diner, she meets up with lily (sandy track tween main beach and the one at other side of Stewart;’ point).

Cass tells lily that a female counsellor will be in the bay this arvo – and although lily is a little reluctant, She agrees to meet here (the sandy track) here later on today for a 3.15 appointment.

The meeting isn’t totally secret though – as Maddie (form a distance) sees them talking.

Later, Cass is at the sandy track, but there is no sign of Lily. Cass goes to the diner – where she phones lily, but lily’s abusive b/f Kyle answers – and “suggest” that Cass should mind own business,.

Maddie enters the diner – and when she sees that Cass is lolloping worried, she admits that she pied ion the earlier meeting of Cass & Lilly.

Cass then wants to go around to lily’s house. Maddie isn’t keen on that idea – but when Cass insists on going, Maddie insists on going with her.

When they arrive at the house, lily can’t believe that they (partci Maddie) is there. Lily “suggest” that they should bail – as Kylie home any moment. Cass sees that lily’s arm is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay bruised – and thinks that lily really should break away form Kyle.

Lily lets them in the house (as all the talk at the house had been at the front door before lily lets them in). Cass insist that she KNOWS (form macaw experience that breaking free IS heard, but it must be done).

They hear a car – lily knows that it’s Kyle’s, so she “suggests” that Maddie & Cass should hide in another room.

When Kyle enters, we see Cass & Maddie with more than a tad scared (esp. Maddie) look on their faces. (end of ep)


Alf pushes Martha further away – after another “hard line” attack,


It sounds like Lily is missing (we also see Lily with Cass at the vph)

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cassie’s “Dutch” orange (polo shirt collared) halter top & matching short shorts

SILVER – Maddie’s white spaghetti strap top/white halter bikini top/wide black belt

BRONZE – Lily’s royal blue t/white knee length shorts


Hugh’s white (black diagonal stripes) button up shirt

Irene’s black (white rope pattern) top

James’ orangey-red (unknown motif) t shirt/ white (green horizontal stripe) button up shirt

Kimmy’s royal blue & grey board shorts/light blue (black crest? motif) t

Kit's red (yellow leave motifs) v-neck top/white top beneath

Rachel's white top/black jacket & skirt

Sally’s black top/black (with white vertical stripes either side) shorts

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