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Wed, 4 Apr 07 - “ Squashing Martha’s Resistance “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Squashing Martha’s Resistance “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 4 Apr 07 - Episode # 4388)

As Martha approaches the Rocket Club, a woman named Paige is demanding money form Cam. She is insisting that he WAAAAAAAAAAAAY ruined her life (with drugs etc).

After Paige seems to go away, Martha enters the club and talk to cam. She wonders about Paige – and Cam (shock horror) spins her a story about Page to look as though HE is the good guy. (Note – during this scene, the subject of Cam’s big black leather bag is touched on – he comments about it being for all his squash gear).

Paige however isn't finished yet – she (outside) screams up at cam – and throws an empty beer bottle as the club. Cam & Martha go downstairs – cam tries to get Paige to stop – but she keeps on throwing bottles (several) at his feet. Cam “suggests” that Martha should call the police – and when Martha goes inside, Paige throws the plastic box that the beer bottles were in at the advancing cam – to allow her to escape. However, jack & Lara arrive – and haul Paige into their police car

Later, Martha (diner flat) answers a knock on door. It’s jack – with Paige. Paige tries to convince Martha that cam is setting her (Martha) up for a fall – just like her did with Paige. Martha initially won’t listen – and tries to slam door in their faces several times. She also isn’t is pleased that jack seem to have cut a deal with Paige – to drop charges for this help with Martha.

Martha eventually lets them in – as, despite “getting her back up” at Paige, she knows that she seems to be hearing her own story (with cam so far) when Paige talks to her.

After jack bails (Lara radios him insisting they have to go to another case), Paige continue to talk to Martha – insisting that cam will soon try to get her onto drugs – another way to control her life. Paige then really REALLY hits home when she wonders if Cam still says that he plays squash – as Paige insists that that is where he keeps his drugs stash.

Cam (rocket club office) and Cindy are discussing business – and this incl them putting several pretty decently sized bags of drugs in THAT “squash” bag.

Soon after, Martha arrives at the club office. Cam tells her that is keen for her to listen to some music that he wants her to dance to next – I can imagine some sexy, sleazy number but we don't get to hear the track in this ep.

When cam bails form the office, Martha seems to have really heeded Paige’s warnings. She goes over to the bag – and is about to open it with Cindy enters the room. Martha says that she drops that cd that he gave her as she approaches the cd payer (which is just bedside the bag).

Later, Martha re-enters the office – and once more tries to check out the bag, but cam enters the office as she is doing so. Martha WAY questions him about page’s accusations, but cam goes ahead and empties out the bag – and there IS only sports things (like shoes, sweat bands etc in there). Martha apologizes for doubting him.

Soon after, cam is alone in his office when Cindy enters. He tells her that they were almost busted. Cindy tells him that she saw Martha snooping around earlier – so she put the drugs in her (Cindy) bag for a while. Cam WAAAAAAY thanks her – and although I was kinda expecting a kiss (giving how much of a piece of trash Cam is), it didn’t happen.

Rachel (hospital) visits James, he is still VERY down about what's happened, and he REALLY wants to just say sorry to kit for what’s happened.

Rachel then goes the hunter house, at which kit & kimmy are talking about James, their baby etc. Rachel wonders if kit could just talk to James – as Rachel think that it could go a long way to helping James recover. Kit agrees to talk to him.

James (hospital) is of course ULTRA pleased to see kit, whilst out in the corridors, Rachel (talking to kimmy) is surprised when she “runs into” old friend Hugh – who tells her that he is now working at this hospital (replacement for Dr Green).

Back in James’ room, James thinks that now that kit is here it will speed up his recovery process. He suggests that maybe they could go on a picnic (or the like) when he gets out of hospital. Kit sort of agrees – but you get that feeling that she just doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Rachel, Kimmy & Hugh go to the diner, where Rachel tells Hugh that Dan & Leah are well and truly back together. Hugh rewinds Rachel that he & Leah were together for “2 seconds” – and decides, Hugh has just ended a 3-month relationship anyway – so he’s not looking to “go there” again soon.

When Rachel returns to the hospital, she sees that James is VERY upbeat. He tells her that it seems as though kit has way forgiven him etc, and is looking fwd to their future together.

Next day, Rachel goes to the hunter house. When she arrives kit is exercising. Rachel asks kit to tell her what happened when she spoke to James. What kit says reaffirms what Rachel thought, that James has taken kit’s comments the wrong way (as kit told Rachel that there is no chance that she will get back with James, as can’t take risk it with the baby and all). Rachel tells Kit the way that James “took“ the chat. Both kit & Rachel agree that kit has to set James straight.

Kit goes to the hospital – where she does indeed tell James (as gently as she can) that they (kit/James) have no future together.

Naturally, kit is feeling a little bit down because of this – but things get worse when, just as Rachel & kit are discussing the situation, a nurse calls out to Rachel.

The latter goes into James’ room – the bed as empty, and he has removed his hospital wrist etc ID band. (end of ep)


Cass & Maddie are forced to hide in Lilly’s house when her abusive b/f comes home

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cindy's zebra pattern (see through – with black bra) v-neck top

SILVER – Martha's electric blue halter-top

BRONZE – Martha's black (plunge v neck – but with black lattices tween that V) top/black lather jacket & skirt


Cam’s plum button up shirt/denim (brown thigh length patches) jeans

Cam's light purple button up shirt

Cam's powder blue button up shirt

Cindy's black leather halter top/black (silver studded) choker “necklace”

Hugh's green (black pin stripe) button up shirt

Kimmy's white (black crest) t

Kit's white (black leafy motifs) sleeveless jacket/black dress

Kit's dark blue "fluffy" track suit-like exercise outfit

Kit's red (yellow leave motifs) v-neck top/white top beneath

Martha's yellow thin strap top

Paige's tan & cream (tan across the bust with cream stomach) spaghetti strap top

Rachel's red blouse/grey jacket & skirt

Rachel's white top/black jacket & skirt

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