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Mon, 2 APR 07 - “ Kelli Gets Physical With Ethan – AGAIN !!�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Kelli Gets Physical With Ethan – AGAIN !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 2 Apr 07 - Episode # 4386)

As Peter runs on the beach, Drew ()Leah’s place) tells Leah & Dan that he thinks that peter should REALLY go and tell manda what he thinks of her.

Ryan tells Dan that he wants go go to a party a friend’s palace – but Dan insists that that is Amanda’s decision (btw, Ryan clearly NOT happy with his mum),

At the mansion, kelli is surprise that manda is up and about so early,. Manda insist that she wants the [place to look respectable with Ryan gets here. Amanda then tells kelli that she wouldn’t have got through all this with out kelli (and hugs his sister).

Ryan arrives (with Dan) and asks about the party, and makes its clear that he is more that a tad embarrassed by Amanda.

Colleen (diner) mouths off to Leah about Amanda. Belle enters – and comes to Amanda’s defence, prompting colleen’s to say this like ”the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. This rally starts a BIG row – which the returning for holidays Irene walks in on. Naturally, Irene (with Leah help)n break up the fight.

Drew (Leah’s place) talks to peter – who has been wearing Drew’s clothes since the weeding. Drew tells peter that when he goes to get his things form the mansion, that peter should REALLY tell Amanda what he think of her.

Irene (diner) & belle talk about belle/drew, i.e. Irene says that she hears they are back together. Belle tells her that they’ve split again – because bell knew about Ethan & Amanda.

Drew enters the diner, and Irene convince bell to try to talk t him, but when she does, belle gets nowhere.

At Leah’s place, peter opens some mail – it’s a card for his parents (expressing their sorrow that they could make the wedding, and that they hope peter & manda had a wonderful day etc).

Peter goes over to the mansion, and amanda is surprised that it is him. Amanda thinks that he is there to maybe work things out – but he makes it V clear that he is only hear to gather his belongings.

After peter go upstairs, kelli comes home, and Amanda tells her about peter.

When peter comes back downstairs (box of stuff in hand)l, Amanda all but begs (indeed, ends up on her knees) peter to talk to her – but he walks out the door. Kelli consoles amanda.

Irene *(diner) talks to drew about belle & the amanda situation. Drew insists that belle morally made wrong decision, and Irene walks away in frustration.

Ethan enters the diner, and all are hostile towards him. Ethan thinks they should be thanking him – but drew has other ideas (and Tony has to restrain him).

Amanda (mansion) tells kelli that she really thought/hoped that peter came there to work things out. Amanda then tells kelli that she has to take control.

Amanda & Kelli (near diner) drop the wedding gifts in a charity bin. A male extra nearby seems to stare at Amanda – and she mouths off at him.

As they rtn to amanda’s car, Ethan approaches – and there’s a mostly verbal duel tween the sisters & Ethan. I say mostly as kelli shoves Ethan at one point, before the girls get in the car and drive off.

Peter (Leah’s [place) tells drew that he had been avoiding that issue, but he’s now REALY seen the light about manda.

Belle enters to get her school books (had been doing assignment with drew). She tries to talk to drew but gets nowhere and bails – but not before throwing the book kinda at drew in disgust.

Colleen goes to the mansion to resign. Colleen is off course on her moral high horse, so kelli responds by giving as good as she gets, i.e. degrading colleen as she is “only” a cleaner, to which colleen says that she is a PART TIME cleaner (to try to regain some ground I assume)

Colleen returns to diner, and clashes with belle. The annoyed belle then takes the old cooking oil outside – where she finds ethan, she binaurally has a go at him – and throws some of the oil on him, which drew sees. The latter smiles THAT smile of his (note 0- could this lead to drew/belle back together?)

Amanda (mansion) pours her heart out to Kellie – saying that Peter is the only man she ever truly loved, and not she has lost him.

Amanda then answer the phone – it’s Ryan. He wants to come home as he is being teased by ot5her kids at party.

Amanda then looks for own car keys. When not find them, easily, she takes kelli’s keys – despite keeli “suggesting” that Amanda is way too drunk.

As Amanda drives (at night), she is affected by the alcohol –0 and by the headlights of a car (Peter’s) coming other way. Amanda looses control of her car – slams (passenger side) into a power pole.

When peter gets to the other car, he is shocked that it is Amanda. (end of ep)


Will Amanda survive ??? (Irene tells Belle news of the crash)

Alf reads Martha the riot act – which pushes her further away !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s multicolour (pink, white, light blue, dark blue – each colour in square shape –forms ¼ of the front & back) sports singlet top/purple long pants

SILVER – Leah’s red halter top (with black spaghetti strap top beneath)

BRONZE – Ethan’s light purple board shorts/brown (lion motif) t


Amanda’s red singlet top

Belle’s black (with a red band towards top) short-ish skirt/white (black crest? motif) t shirt/white (silver studded) belt

Colleen’s sky blue (with back& white polka dots) dress

Dan’s green (big black “5”) t

Drew’s purple (with a light blue band a the top) shorts

Drew’s light brown (sketched man? Motif) t/drown &* white board shorts

Irene’s green (leafy) blouse

Kelli’s silvery (floral motifs, rich red lining) nightgown

Kelli’s red (sunflower motifs) halter-top

Ryan’s white (with black sleaves & red horizontal stripe across shoulders) polo shirt

Tony’s brown (orange horizontal stripes) polo shirt

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