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Lean On Me (by Tasha) - comments


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That was so beautiful! I loved it!

Jack ran his thumb across Martha's cheek, eliminating the tear, and looked into his estranged wife's eyes, to only see a sad and scared girl who needed help.

Gosh that made me so sad. I soooo want Cam to just disappear.

I haven't been myself in a long time, and Jack, you're the only person who can help me, you're the only person I want to help me."

:wub: Awww, every J&M fans dream.

Great writing Tasha. I hope you do more one shots soon!

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Awww, that was brilliant. Really, really good :)

The last line did it for me; that was just the perfect ending. I could so imagine Jack saying something like that. He's just the best :wub:

I hope Martha realises the error of her ways on the show like she did in your oneshot.

Great stuff Jack4Martha!

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Awww that was great!

Excellent writing Tash, very emotional.

Why doesnt Martha realise this actually in hna! Why is she such a blumin plonker! :P

Everything that was said in this fic is true! No one has ever loved her for who she really is apart from Jack, he never used her and he treated her with respect.

If only Martha could see that!

Great fic, im glad shes opened up and let Jack in.

Hope to read more of your work soon :)

Great job Tash :)

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Aww that was so sweet.

It has just made me believe even more that one day Jack and Martha will get back together, just as soon as Martha realises that Cam is no good for her.

I'm so glad you wrote something again, you are really talented :) I hope to read more of your work soon, it's fantabulous!

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