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This Is My Time

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Story Title: This is My Time

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC L

Summary: N/A

I started this fic mainly because Shine For Me ended. So yeah. Enjoy. Basically centred around Martha's life 23 months into the future from what we see. Martha is at the Rocket Club. Still. lol. Quick change to this part I know.

Chapter One.

"Yet again, we're pretty crowded." Cindy commented to Martha, as she looked around.

"Yeah, it's pretty good." Martha agreed, looking at the dancer on stage through her deep blue eyes.

"You're not as enthusiastic about the dancing as you used to be. I remember when you were the star of the show." Cindy said to her honestly.

"That was before everything. And that was twenty three months ago." She reminded her boss.

"I know, but I thought you'd have stayed enthusiastic. You did stop for like, over a year then took it back up again."

"Putting my body on show right after I had a baby as well as when I was nine months pregnant wasn't exactly what I planned on doing." She reminded her.

"I guess not. I didn't keep pole dancing during my pregnancy, or after it ever actually." She said with a shrug "What time have you got to pick up Katelyn anyway?" She asked.

"Around nine o'clock they close tonight, so it's going to be an early night for me. My relatives talk to me, and love me, but not enough for them to mind her for very long and for a late nighter, while I work here. They still hate my job choice." She said with a sigh.

"They will continue to hate it. But, as Cam says, it's up to you what your career is. But he's really hoping you take the dancing back up. You are really good, and you need to realise how much money you can make out of dancing." She said, then turned her attention to the door "Alright, it's time for your bar turn." She said, pointing her towards the bar.


Martha threw her keys onto the bench at the Beachside Diner at 9:30pm that night. She carried her 14 month old daughter, Katelyn Jane Mackenzie, in her arms. She lowered her to the floor near her play mat as she opened the fridge and began to search inside it for a snack for Katelyn and dinner for herself, as Katelyn had gotten fed at the day-care centre. She turned to the dark haired child, as she watched her throw her toys around then laugh at them. She knelt beside her after putting the macaroni and cheese they'd share in the microwave "What are you doing to Mr. Teddy?" She asked her, gently taking the toy into her hand "What did he do to deserve being thrown around hey?" She asked her.

Katelyn basically just gurgled in response, reaching out for her beloved teddy bear, and hoping that Martha would give her toy back without a fuss, leaving her to keep on destroying him.

"You really have don't care about his feelings do you Katie? Alright, just try not to have him in little pieces by the time the food is ready, alright?" She asked her, standing up and walking over to the microwave, watching the seconds slowly tick by before pulling out the plate, and grabbing a fork from the kitchen and walking next to Katelyn, before slowly beginning to eat.


"Hello love." Alf said, nodding to his granddaughter.

"Hi grandad." She nodded to him, pulling Katelyn into her lap the next morning.

"Did you work late again last night?" He asked her, smiling at Katelyn.

"Yeah I did." She nodded "I had to, I couldn't help it, they were desperate." She told him.

"You didn't dance, did you?" He asked sharply.

"Once." She said with a sigh.

"I thought you said you'd given up that stupid part of your career Martha. You have a young girl, don't make her affected by your career. Imagine Katelyn having to grow up, and telling everyone that her mother is a pole dancer. How would she feel then, and what would everyone think of you?" He asked her.

"I know. And Katie doesn't need it, which is why I'm thinking of telling Cam I don't want to dance anymore." She told him with a sigh "I just don't want to do it."

"Did you ever want to do it?" He asked her.

"Probably not, no. But it was good money." She told him "I needed the money."

"I understand about debts, but why couldn't you just ask us for help Martha? We would have helped you out. Jack would have helped you out." He told her softly.

"I'm not Jack's responsibility, nor am Katie and I everyone else's responsibility." She said firmly "At the time, Cam was also putting me full of this independance crap." She said truthfully "So I didn't even ask Jack for money, and he gave me enough. I had enough for everything but I wanted more. I was stupid. Besides, I did feel I wasn't anybody's responsility."

"You may not think you're everyone's responsibility, but everyone cares about you. Whether you want them to or not. Because for some you are family. For others, you are their best friends." He told her "Katie is Jack's responsibility, so don't say she's not."

"I know grandad, but I can look after myself." She told him "I've got to go, Katie is due at childcare soon." She told him, standing up and grabbing her car keys from her pocket.

"I hope your telling that Cam Reynolds what he can do with his pole dancing." He said sternly.

"Alright grandad, I will." She promised him, heading out the door.

"Do you think she'll actually stop, Alf?" Leah asked him, stopping by his table "I'm worried about the type of crowd's she'll bring home if she keeps it up, and I'm worry about Katie." She told him.

"I'm worried about Katie as well. But Martha's a good mother, she wouldn't put her only daughter in any danger."


"You're what?" Cam asked Martha later that night.

"I'm not returning to pole dancing." Martha confirmed to him.

"But I thought you loved the dancing Martha." He asked, frowning at his ex-girlfriend.

"I loved it. Yes. Listen to the d on the end of that word. Past tense Cam. Dancing isn't for me anymore, and I don't want Katie to have to tell her friends when she grows up that her mother is a pole dancer." She told him firmly.

"She's a baby at the moment, maybe when she hits school okay you might want to stop, but not now. Not yet." He encouraged her.

"No Cam. I want to stop dancing. I don't want to dance anymore. I don't like it, and it's not my career choice. Maybe I'm meant to be a bargirl! But I'm happy at the moment, and I'm happier not being a pole dancer." She said firmly.

"But you've got the talent Martha, and let's face it you need the money. You can do this, don't worry about what your family and everyone else thinks. You're a great dancer, everyone loves you, and you get a lot of tips compared to everyone else, let's face it. You easily make $2,000 every time you dance, you know it. Won't Katelyn be a lot better if her mum has a lot of money?" He asked her.

"Katie would be a lot better off if she didn't have a mum who was in a shameful job for a mother to be in." She said, turning her back on Cam.

NEXT UPDATE: Does Martha change her mind?

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Great start!

Go Martha for saying no to the dancing.

Did Martha and Jack have a one night stand or something? Because you said that Katie is Jack's resposibility... so I'm guessing the baby is his.

Fab writing. Please update as soon as you can. :)

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