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Guest ~Charlotte~

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I started this thread to gather up your problems, which you can post in here. Things like Itunes, or any other program you need help with - you can ask here!

I have noticed there are quite a few threads asking for help with things, so i thought i would start this thread, for everyone to post what they need help with in here!

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^ Thats what I was thinking. Or it will contain more of Aarons sarcasm.

Well to start this thread off, i have a problem.

On microsoft word, whenever i'm doing my coursework, it always seems to freezes when i want to change anything that has to do with the font. Does anyone know why this happenes?

I hope this is a resonable question...and sorry for the lack of spag, my shift key is playing up on my once again, drunk keyboard.

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How old is your computer Rosey? Is the hard drive very full? I know when I started having problems with this laptop it was because it was getting a bit full. And still is. *Kicks laptop*

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