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New Home and Away star

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Wally Lewis' son gets Home and Away role

Friday Mar 23 18:26 AEDT

Lincoln Lewis, the son of rugby league great Wally Lewis, plans to follow in his father's footsteps by strapping on the footy boots for a role in Home and Away.

The aspiring actor has scored himself a major guest role, with the potential of a full-time gig, as a football star on the long-running soap.

Lewis' agent Madonna Williams said the 19-year-old had gone for a series of auditions over the past two years for the Seven Network program, but had finally impressed the shows producers to secure a role.

"He is very good-looking and works really hard at his acting training - he has a perfect face for Home and Away ... finally things are starting to come off," Williams said.

"This character fits the bill perfectly."

Until now Brisbane-based Lewis has appeared in low-budget Australian made films including Voodoo Lagoon, starring opposite It Takes Two winner Erika Heynatz and former Home and Away star Beau Brady.

He also has featured in the teenage television drama H2O - Just Add Water.

"Lincoln's biggest role to date has been Voodoo Lagoon," Williams said.

"This is the next step up for him. We have been pitching him for Home and Away and Neighbours roles for years and one of them was going to pick him up.

"This is his true passion and he is so happy to start filming in April."

With Summer Bay calling, Lewis is in the process of relocating from Queensland to Sydney, where Home and Away is filmed.

His first episode will air in June.



Anyone interested? Not sure I like the idea of another teen.

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ooo...a newbie guy, i likey. HAA needs new hotties :P

Madonna Williams, thats Paul's agent too i think :unsure::P Cant wait to see this Lincoln fella, and a full time role, that'll be even better. Yay. I love this show!!

Lincoln was in Aquamarine. I found this picture of him on IMDB


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