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The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: Rocco, Johnny, Sally, Peter and a new character.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Some mild spoilers.

Any warnings: None

Summary: Johnny wants Rocco to stab Sally but he refuses to d it. He tells Sally and Johnny and Peter.

“I’m not going to do this Johnny!! do it yourself !!” spat Rocco, he wasn’t going to stab Sally, she’d done everything for him, given him a home and all,

“you’ll do it or its your life, you’ll be the one stabbed” screamed Johnny, he wanted Sally out of the picture,

“no I’m not going to kill her, she’s like a mum to me!! Good bye Johnny” said Rocco, walking out of the interview room Johnny was in.

Rocco couldn’t do such a thing to Sally, she was like a second Mum to him, she treated him right everything,

“Sal, can I tell you something?” asked Rocco, he was going to tell someone what Johnny was going to make him do,

“yeah of course you can Roc, what is it?” asked Sally, she was glad he came to her,

“You know how Johnny wanted to talk to me, well he wants me to stab you, he wants you out of the way, he said its either you or me, I told him to get stuffed he can do it himself!” said Rocco, he was glad he got all that out, glad that he told her,

“did you tell the police Roc, I’m glad you told me, thank you!” replied Sally, she was glad he told her and didn’t just stab her, she was happy he stood up to his brother and said no to him,

“no I haven’t told them yet, he’ll kill me if I tell them” said Rocco, he didn’t want to dob his brother in again,

“Rocco you should tell them they can protect you, so can me and Brad, where here to help you” replied Sally, trying her hardest to get Rocco to go to the police,

“no one can help me from his gang, they’ll get me no matter what, but I’ll tell Peter” said Rocco, Peter was the only one he trusted in the police force,

“do you want me to come with you to support you?” asked Sally, she was happy he was going to tell someone else about it,

“yes please if you can, what about Pippa?” asked Rocco,

“Martha will look after her, she told me she was anyway!” replied Sally, picking up her car keys.

“so he asked you to stab Sally to get her out of the way?” asked Peter, writing down the information Rocco was giving him,

“yes he said it was either her or me, I told him to get stuffed and do it himself!” replied Rocco, Peter seemed to be the only one who listened to him,

“I’ll go and have a talk with him, you can go home if you like I’ll give you a call afterwards” said Peter letting Rocco go home with Sally.

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