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Tuesday, 20 Mar 07 - " Guys Of The Bay, STOP Hitting People “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Guys Of The Bay, STOP Hitting People “

(Screened in Australia on Tuesday, 20 Mar 07 - Episode # 4377)

Jack & Lara (in uniform) speak to Martha about the damage to diner. She goes downstairs (to see damage, incl to $10000 coffee machine). Martha insists that she isn’t responsible.

Sally tries to speak t her – includes the break in at Noah’s (more Martha carelessness) but sally still gets nowhere.

Cam settles things for a while – by giving Leah a cheque for $10000 – to tide her over until insurance comes through. Martha can’t believe how good cam is to do that.

Cam suggests that Martha takes a walk to clear her head – and she ruins into jack, who you can see clearly gets Martha thinking about her current action (i.e. jack says things like “the Martha I knew would never threat her friends like this).

Cam of course sees the chat – and looks worried. When Martha returns to diner flat, she doesn’t reveal much about the chat. Cam then goes downstairs to the diner and tries to get form jack what happened. After jack says that he told Martha he thinks that she is hanging with the wrong crowd, cam riles jack when he says that its not his fault that jack can’t hang onto a woman [cam mention s both Martha AND Sam) – and jack naturally punches him.

When cam goes up to diner flat, he tells Martha of the encounter with jack – incl that jack said that Martha was being silly.

Jack is talking to sally & brad at the vph when Martha enters. She is furious that jack not only said those things about her, but that he hit cam as well.

After Martha storms out, jack REALLY is annoyed with himself – as he KNEW that during their earlier chat, he was DEF speaking to the Martha of old.

Martha returns to the diner flat, and cuddles up beside cam. She says that she not need by old friends –0 as they are just trouble etc. cam (with Martha looking the other way) smiles a wicked smile.

Kit (hunter place) is lying on the floor when James enters. James tries to make up for an error, by calling her a beautiful whale, but then amens that to calling her a beautiful dolphin. He then helps her up.

Kimmy arrives – and is surprised to find out that kit is taking James with her to the birching classes (ie not Kimmy).

Later, Kimmy is walking near diner, and a little bit away form him, he sees a guy rather discretely hand something to James (note – we see a close up of this, and it looks like the guy has handed James some drugs),

When the other guy is gone, Kimmy approaches James. They talk about kit – before Kimmy mentions about the berthing class, which prompts James to say he in on way to the class now.

Kimmy goes into the diner and talks to (not on duty) jack. He wonders if Hamish (the guy who handed James the drugs) is still of interest to the police. Jack says that he is – but they haven’t been able to nail his because of lack of evidence.

That night, Rachel [old Holden house] tells Kimmy that it sounds like James handled the berthing class well compared to other expectant fathers. Rachel notes that Kimmy seems distracted – but he insists that its just because he was looking fwd to being kit’s birth partner. Rachel (who is cooking) tells Kimmy that she needs some balsamic vinegar (I think) – so he goes next door.

The door of the hunter place is open, but when Kimmy calls out, no one answers, but he [of course] proceeds to get the vinegar. He then sees James’ backpack and is unzipping it when James & Kit rtn to main room [form bedroom, bathroom etc] and annoyedly wonder what Kimmy is doing. (end of ep)


Disaster strikes Belle & Drew during a camping trip with likes of Maddie & Ric.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s maroony-brown ruffled long skirt/light green blouse (with white floral collar top beneath)

SILVER – Sally’s royal blue (black floral? motifs) spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Kimmy's purple (black cougar motif) t-shirt


Cam’s royal blue button up shirt (with black t shirt beneath)

Kit’s red v-neck t shirt/black pants

Dan’s dark green (faded unknown motif) t-shirt

Jack’s orange (retro central 86) t shirt/white board shorts

James’ white (with blue checks) shorts

Martha’s light blue (with yellow checks) shorts/white (with goldish blocks on the straps) Singlet

Martha’s maroon dressing gown

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