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What Hurts the Most (by Tasha) - comments


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That was a cute ending Tasha.

I think you should write another one soon, but I completely understand that you have uni. When you ahve the time I think you should make a sequal... :) it will make us happy, or even one shots. I know you would be great!

"What can be more important then the cricket?" Jack asked

Rugby. lol. - thats my answer Jacky boy.

Go Martha, your mother is a cow!!!

Brilliant fic, Brilliant writing. Well done Tashy.

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Tasha that was fantastic! And you dedicated it to me! :D :D You are the best!

Aww I'm so happy that they ended up happy together, they deserve happiness after what stupid Ruth nearly did! I still can't express how much I hate Ruth! But you still finished it wonderfully. You should definitely write a sequel, it would be fab just like this. Or you could start a whole new fic! :P

Hmm usually I would say update soon here :P but it's over :( I'm so sad it's finished, I loved this fic and I loved looking forward to the updates. I'm sad to see it finish but it finished in style! Great all the way through, I loved it!

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Well Fantastic ending well i new all alone

Your welcome for me being your proofy and I love you too :P

Well I cant say update soon can i? :P

I think you should do a sequal :ph34r:

But I no you may not have the time

Great fic gutted its ended though

I had fun proofing it for you


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Oh wellz, i hope one of the admins can change it, coz my title aint no question <_<

I haven't read this fic but I've seen that question mark and wondered why it was there myself :P. I edited it out for you when I moved your fic into the Library. If you need to change your title or topic lead in future, PM me or one of the other Librarians. If you have any other completed fics in the fanfic forum, please PM me or one of the other Librarians. That goes for everyone else too. It's really hard to know which fics are complete if no one tells us! Luckily I noticed the link to this one in your sig.

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