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They are supposedly being eased in gently because there are so many of them. But if they ease them in so gently that no one notices them, then when they do finally get a storyline, why should we care about them? The youngest two have been missing for months (Kayleigh popped up briefly on Monday but didn't say much) and the twins, Jodie and Grandad are just irritating. The only one to be seen regualary is Jerry, and as nice as he is his 'charm' just isn't working for some reason. Hopefully when we see more of them and they finally get a storyline i'll be able to warm to them a bit more.

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So is it true? Will Todd Grimshaw be returning to the cobbles later this year! I for one hope so, if anything he'll be there for Eileen, help her through her disastrous love life. I way prefered him to Sean Tully (who is so rude in real life!).

Also wondering what's going on with John/Sally/Fiz and Sophie - bet there's a bigger storyline building there.

Shame that Cilla is "slinging her hook" (as she would say :lol: ) I'll miss the old cow, she entertained me immensily, oh and Blanch, there's another cracking character. Her one-liners are such a treat!

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How good was tonights ep with Todd coming back, Sarah and Jasons faces were a picture. The whole thing with sarahs wedding dress was so funny, first gail trys to stop her running out the door and rips the dress, then jason and todd come back from the stag night and see her in it, then finally when she thinks nothing else can go wrong sally spills red wine down the front of the dress and eileen throws white wine at her. She then announces the wedding is off, hitches up her dress and runs up the stairs :lol: brilliant stuff.

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