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Looks like Norris' assistant has gone already going by that "situations vacant" notice.He and Rita seem to get on a lot better when they're thousands of miles apart.Liked the little chat between Tony and Kirk, it annoys me the way Tony and especially Maria treat him like an irritant when he genuinely cares. Thought Pam was a bit off blaming Kevin for something that was equally Molly's fault until he went and confronted her and pretty much proved Pam right.Not sure if Michelle liked that kiss or not, she didn't seem that keen to get rid of him.If she was sitting there in her bed clothes to give Ben a shock, it backfired on her, he seemed to quite like it.

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^ :lol: The whole scene was hilarious,especially that blurry first person camera.

I'm finding the Tony exit plot a bit rushed and contrived. As if Tony would make his guilt to Roy that obvious...he would have acted dumb,from the start, and Roy would have thought nothing of what he said. People ramble about lots random weird stuff on their deathbed.

How quick did Joe do up that boat...

and what a good sander Gail is :lol:

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How quick did Joe do up that boat...

He said it was going to take a year! :lol:

I don't know what's going to happen with Tony except that

he's leaving

, but it had better be good. They've dragged it out for so long and stretched our suspension of disbelief to breaking point (Maria falling for the guy who basically admitted to her that he'd killed her husband?!), so they owe us a really good pay-off. I'm guessing it will all happen at Christmas?

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