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Friday, 16 Mar 07 - " Jack, You Are Sooooooooo Not The Only One W

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Jack, You Are Sooooooooo Not The Only One Who Will Miss Her “

(Screened in Australia on Friday, 16 Mar 07 - Episode # 4375)

McGrath greets Jack on his 1st day back at work. Jack is already to being involved in frilled work, but McGrath reminds him that its customary for pplm coming back to be on desk duties. He instructs jack to get the Anderson files all fixed up for a meeting that he has at police HQ today –0 but when jack gets to this desk, he inserts a disk into the computer, and Sam’s details appear on screen.

Soon after, McGrath approaches – and jack says that the file is progressing or something like that, but when McGrath is out of the room, jack relieves a phone call.

Whoever is on the other end of the line (we only hear jack speaking) tells jack that he is sending a fax now – and when jack gets it, he sees that it appears to be a credit card transaction statement for Sam.

Jack then nails for the police station – and we see him soon after on a wharf somewhere.

Sam can’t believe it when she sees him – jack says that he just had to find her. Although rory is pleased to see jack, Sam is more cautious – thinks it was a bad move (for both herself and for jack himself).

Soon after, Jack & Sam are talking in a park. Jack tries to convince her to stop running, but Sam insists that she’d never forgive herself if anything happened to Rory. The boy then approaches – and jack ask him to take care of Sam. Jack & Rory hug, before Sam (way teary eyed) insists that if ever she is TRULY free, she’ll head STRAIGHT for summer bay.

Jack & Sam kiss one last time, before jack watches Sam walk to her nearby car.

When jack rtns to the station, McGrath verbally lays into him – as the Anderson files hasn’t been touched. Jack “suggest” that McGrath can just get lost … before jack bails.

Soon after, Tony sees jack at Noah’s. Jack tells Tony that he not get the closure that he has after -= really thought he could convince Sam (note – I initially, instinctively? wrote Martha instead of Sam) to stay bayside. Tony insists that Sam isn’t being selfish, she is being selfless (protecting Rory and jack). Tony thinks that jack shouldn’t just throw his career away like this.

Jack goes back to the station, and apologizes to McGrath, and insists that this won’t happen again. McGrath accepts this – and tells jack to have completed Anderson file on his desk 1st thing morrow morn.

Jack returns to his desk - and as he hits the delete button on the Sam pers file that is up on computer screen, we hear a voiceover of Sam (emotionally) saying "i will always love you Jack"

Kit (hunter place) can’t believe that James is still on drugs. James insists that he only uses them V occasionally – and will never smoke in the house when kit is about. Kit accepts this.

James then has to hurriedly get rid of the “joint” when Tony enters the house – kit & James try to act all innocent, but you can tell that tony knows that something is going on. Kit & James then bail – leaving the joint in ashtray in the kitchenm sink.

At the diner, Rachel tells kimmy about the incident with James and the IV line. Kimmy thinks that Rachel should have reported him.

Soon after, Kimmy arrives at the hunter place, and he & kit begin to discuss which midwife that they will choose. When kit goes out of the main room, Kimmy gets himself a drink of OJ – when he sees THAT joint.

Kimmy then major launches into an attack on kit for even being kinda OK with things – and Kimmy continues the rant when James arrives. (Note – maybe its just because I hate Kimmy, but i think that he was going a tad overboard with suggestions that kit should “dump” James straight away.

When Kimmy is gone, kit & James have a serious talk. Kit tell James that, if he is to be her child’s father figure, he just can’t handle a stressful day by getting home and getting high. James insists to t kit that he WILL stop – and even throws the rest of his stash in the bin.

Later, kit & Kimmy are talking in the diner. Kit insists that even without jimmy’s intervention, she would have got to that point (the confrontation with James about the drugs) pretty soon anyway. As they talk, colleen comments on how helpful etc that James is. Kit then assures Kimmy that she WAAAAAY trusts James.

Cut to James at the hunter place, looking all fidgety as he watches TV. He then goes to the kitchen – and removes the drugs for the bin. (end of ep)


A camping trip leads to disaster for Drew & Belle, whilst Martha continues her slide into oblivion

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Colleen’s royal blue (white floral arc near the collar) top

SILVER – Sam’s red v-neck top/purple cardigan

BRONZE – Kit’s orange v-neck t-shirt


Jack’s black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket/light button police uniform shirt

James’ white (with green horizontal stripes) button up shirt/grey (green crest) t-shirt

Rory’s light green (unknown motif) t-shirt

Rachel’s red plunge v-neck dress

Tony’s dark green (with a lighter green horizontal strip across the chest) polo shirt

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