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Out Of Control!

Guest Lilone

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Story Title: Out of Control!

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Peter Baker, Clare Brody and others.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (V/D) ©

Summary: Out Of Contol is about different decisions from the past coming back to haunt Peter Baker which could lead to some devastating and shocking Consequences.

Me and Alli (Allibaz) have deiced to write a joint fic :) Here's the first chapter.... Would appreciate any feedback :)

Chapter one

Pete sat staring at the walls around feeling alone and upset. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Amanda and that lowlife pictured in his head. Nothing could bring his thoughts away. Well, not until Drew entered the room.

"Dad are you ok"? Pete raised his head wiping the small tear away from his eyes.

“All right, mate?”

“No I’m not Dad, I hate seeing you like this. I can’t believe she did this to you … I really thought she had changed.”

“I really thought she had changed, I really did,” Pete said, really trying to hold back the tears.

Drew walked over to his dad, putting his arm around him.

“Everything’s going to be ok; you have me.”

Pete suddenly raised his head; he realized that the only way he was going to get Amanda out of his head was by getting away from the Bay.

“Dad I have to go but I will be back later,” Drew said as he smiled at his dad and left the house.

Pete watched his son leave before heading into the bedroom, reaching under the bed and grabbing his empty suitcase. He widened the bag to look inside. As he caught a glimpse of a picture frame lying face down in the bag, he turned the picture over.

He felt the anger build up inside: he was looking at Amanda and him on their wedding day.

Peter placed the picture face down on his bed.

Pete quickly threw his clothes into the bag, wanting to get out as quick as he could. He knew Leah was going to be home soon, or Dan might be, so he wanted to get out before anyone could stop him.

He zipped his bag up walking towards the front door, but then stopped, realizing that he had to tell Drew where he was. He grabbed a pen and paper, beginning to write: ‘I’m sorry but I need some time to get sorted. I will get in touch soon.’ He placed the note on the table before giving the house one last look and leaving.

Walking up to the car and placing his bags in the boot was the easy part: the hard part was actually leaving Summer Bay. Where was he going? What was he going to do? Peter Baker, the strong minded and beloved detective, just didn’t know.

He started the car before glancing in his wing mirror at his family’s house as he drove out of the driveway towards the start of his journey. The long road to nowhere. He had no clue as to why he was doing this, but all he knew was that he was heading in his car towards the city.

After 2 hours of driving Pete finally pulled into a small car park at the back of a pub. He slowly opened the door as he headed towards the edge of the road looking in all directions.

Dan walked through the door of the house with Drew following.

“I hope he’s ok.”

“Pete will be fine: he just needs a good night out,” Dan joked.

“Dad?” Drew shouted.

Dan looked at the table as he saw Peter’s note. He opened and looked at the paper before handing it to Drew.

Drew was shocked as he said: “But he can’t just up and leave!”

“That’s good old Pete: up and leave when the going gets tough”

“Dan, how the hell can you say that? He’s your brother! My dad is devastated and all you have done is rub it in that you were right all along! It’s not his fault if that bitch manipulated him,” Drew said angrily, before heading out the house.

Peter had been walking for about an hour until he eventually came to a bar. He entered and hurried over to grab a drink.

He sat down on a bar stool next to the bar looking around at everyone.

He gulped down his first beer. He then asked for a double vodka and coke, then five minutes later asked for the same again.

He had been in the bar for about 3 hours just drinking and drowning his sorrows; that was the only thing he knew best … running away from his problems.

He was really drunk by this point and could barely sit on the stool; he stumbled off the stool as he walked to the toilets.

He entered the toilets avoiding the mirrors; he couldn’t even bear looking at himself. He finished using the toilet and quickly exited. He only just managed to walk back to his chair, sitting back down.

“Can I have another?” Pete asked the barman.

Pete looked to his right as he took another sip of his drink; he couldn’t believe it when he heard:


He was shocked as he saw Clare looking at him.

Pete looked on gob smacked; he just looked at her, before racing out of the pub, shocked.


Where will Pete go now?

Will he see Clare again?

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“That’s good old Pete: up and leave when the going gets tough”

:lol: Sorry but, that line cracked me up.. :rolleyes:

No Panda? :( Amanda is soo not a bitch.. :(. Clare!? Clare!? After all this time, Clare! ..hehe I hope she stays..

Lots of Drew.. *sigh* :wub:! Update soon girlies.

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“Hey …” Clare seemed really worried about him. She switched off the engine and unfastened her seatbelt, edging closer to him in the car. “What’s going on, Pete? What are you even doing back here? I thought the Bay was your home now?”

“Yeah, well, things change, all right?” he said vaguely. “Besides, Amanda never gave a damn about me, so I don’t see why you should, after what I did.”

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Okay, here's chapter 2 guys!! :)

Chapter 2

Pete didn’t even know where he was going as he ran; all he knew was that, in this state, he couldn’t face anybody he knew. Especially not after he’d left Clare the way he had, when he thought he had feelings for Leah. Well, when he did have feelings for Leah.

His vision was blurred, and he somehow found himself wandering off the path and into the grass at the side of the road. Was that a tree or a person? In fact, was that even a thing? Could have been a shadow – or maybe he was hallucinating. He somehow managed to find his way to a picnic table, where he promptly collapsed.

It seemed like forever, but was only really a few minutes, before he heard footsteps approaching him from behind. But really, he couldn’t even lift his head, if he had wanted to. It felt like he’d been hit with a ton of bricks. Whoever was coming hurried up as they got closer, and a second later he felt his head being lifted off the table.

Oh my God …”

“All right, Clare?” he asked, blinking stupidly. She shook her head.

“What have you gone and done to yourself now?” she muttered, trying to get him to sit up.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just getting a quiet –” he burped loudly “- drink.”

“Mm, lovely,” Clare said sarcastically. “Right, come on, up you get.”

“No, I’m okay,” he said, not moving. “Besides, I’m not your responsibility, remember?”

“Oh, you are way to drunk to be having this conversation right now,” she told him. “And whatever happened between us, I’d hardly be a friend if I just left you here in this state. So come on. Where are you staying?”

“Not got a clue. Don’t worry about it, I’ll find somewhere.”

“Peter Kevin Baker,” she said sharply. “I won’t have this argument with you when you are this smashed. Now are you going to move, or do I have to get an ambulance?”

In all honesty, Peter doubted he could have argued with her even if he were sober. So he gave up trying, and let her help him off the bench. She grabbed his arm.

“Come on, I’ll take you back to my place,” she said. “You could use a sleep.”

“I could use another drink,” he answered as he swayed on the spot. She tried to steady him, and they both ended up facedown on the grass.

“I knew there was a reason I didn’t drink tonight,” Clare muttered. “I’ll drive you, if you think you can make it to my car.”

“Hey, I told you, I am perfectly fine,” said Pete, struggling to his feet. “Where’s your car, then? I don’t see it anywhere.”

“No, because it was parked outside the bar, and you managed to run about a quarter of a mile away from the bar, that’s why,” she snapped. “Okay, you just … just, stay here, yeah? I’ll bring the car round here. I don’t think you could walk it there.”

“I can always try,” he said, and then he fell back onto the bench again.

“Pete, would you just stay there? I can’t leave if I think you’re about to run off.”

“I don’t think I’ll be running anywhere in a hurry,” he said, gulping – he was totally going to be sick any minute. “But I’m not letting you run around after me like I’m some sort of a baby or something – I can at least walk to your car …”

“Just stay here!” she ordered him, and walked away before he could argue any more. He groaned loudly – his head was killing him – and leaned back on the bench. He felt dizzy, really dizzy …

“Peter! Pete!”

He came round what could have been days later, for all he knew, but was still in the park. Clare was leaning over him, looking concerned. She pulled him to his feet roughly, trying to keep him steady. He blindly followed her over to her car and she piled him into the front seat. She then got into the driver’s side and locked all the doors.

“Kidnapping me, Clare?” he said, laughing far too loudly at his own pathetic joke. She shot him a disparaging look.

“More like I don’t trust you not to throw the door open in the middle of a busy road.”

“Well nobody asked you to do any of this,” he shot back. “You didn’t even have to talk to me in the bar – you could easily have left me to my own devices.”

“Yeah, well, seeing as how you’ve stopped giving a damn about yourself, I figured somebody should,” she replied, and Peter felt a twinge in his heart. Before he knew it, he was crying again.

“Hey …” Clare seemed really worried about him. She switched off the engine and unfastened her seatbelt, edging closer to him in the car. “What’s going on, Pete? What are you even doing back here? I thought the Bay was your home now?”

“Yeah, well, things change, all right?” he said vaguely. “Besides, Amanda never gave a damn about me, so I don’t see why you should, after what I did.”

“Amanda?” Clare repeated, looking stunned. He didn’t answer – his head really hurt.

“Come on,” she said, clearing her throat. “We’ll, uh … we’ll talk tomorrow.” She helped him get his own seatbelt in, and drove away from the kerb at an alarming speed.


What will Clare say when Pete tells her everything?

How is Drew coping with his dad’s disappearance?

All comments are appreciated! :)

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