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Goodbye, beloved soulmate

Guest yannick

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Gordon, one of the rising stars of the Home and Away set, was named best new female talent at the Logie awards last year.

But her smiles and elation on the night hid a tragic secret.

The day before the gala event, the couple was told Burkhardt was suffering acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive and rare cancer of the white blood cells in the bone marrow -- usually found only in people older than 40.

Burkhardt started immediate treatment and watched Gordon collect the prized statuette from his hospital bed.

Guess that proves that she earned the Logie. I never would have known...

As soon as I saw this thread, I knew it would be this. It's really sad for someone so young... It's sad anytime, really. It must be so hard for Jodi and the family :(


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This is absolutely devastating news. She was meant to come to Canberra for Skyfire last night but now I know why and I don't blame her.

My heart and soul goes out to Jodi, her family and Chris' family, and also to everyone else who is suffering from leukemia.

To lose the love of her life must have been absolutely devastating for her and at so young.

My thoughts are with you Jodi xx.

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