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Thursday, 8 Mar 07 - " Tony’s Daughter “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Tony’s Daughter “

(Screened in Australia on Thursday, 8 Mar 07 - Episode # 4369)

as Maddie & Ric prepare for their night together, downstairs, sally & brad talk about their own relationshiop – as well as how distant Martha is.

Upstairs, Maddie & Ric are about to exit his room, when they hear someone coming. Maddie goes back in the room – whilst brad, who was, with sally, ascending the stairs, goes back downstairs.

Ric then sally that he couldn’t sleep – going to get a drink downstairs.

When he goes down there, brad is hiding under dining table !!!

Ric re enters his room with some food, but Maddie not hungry now, whilst when sally go downstairs, she finds brad hiding in front of the couch. Both comment at the madness of sneak about like this.

Ric * Maddie are in bid (get impression haven’t slept togethetr yet). Maddie is worry bout being caught out morrow morn – bout Ric sets alarm for 5.30am (which should get her home even before early riser Tony awakes).

Both Ric & Maddie are way ready for what is to occur.

Cut to the next morn, and Tony (hunter place) calls out to Maddie. When no answer, he go tints her room – she not there.

Ric & Maddie awake at the vph. Both are way joyous at what occurred last night – but tings change in an instant when Ric looks at clock – it’s 7.30 !!!!!

Maddie quickly puts on her skirt etc and climbs out window.

Downstairs, brad is about to bail when brad reminds him to take his shoes. Ric sees this – WAAAY comments that brad stayed the night, but then in (through back patio Entrance) comes Tony with a V guilty looking Maddie.

Tony & sally are really annoyed that Maddie/Ric have done this, but whilst Maddie seems apologetic, Ric is trying tho use the sally /brad situation to his advantage.

Maddie then surprises Tony & sally by REALLY being the voice of reason ie this isn't a split second decision – have thought about it for ages and its not like their age means they love each other less. Maddie thinks that occasional night together shouldn’t be that big of an ask.

The taken aback sally & Tony insist that it can’t be on school nights, and that Ric’s appretenceshiops can’t suffer, but both teens take that in their stride.

Soon after, Tony & Maddie (hunter place) are talking. Tony comments that giving sex Ed lessons at school is WAY easier that this one on one.

When Tony asks, Maddie says that she & Ric know all about/used protection and she reinforces her point that the time now felt right to be together.

Maddie then reassures Tony that he handled tis situation well – and that Beth knew what she was doing when she picked Tony.

This to me felt just like that moment last year tween Beth & Luke after it was revealed that Luke was being erratic because he now had a mother figure, ie Beth “is it cool if we hug?”

However, having said that, when Maddie leaves the room, the look on Tony’s face is “saying” OMG !!!! I’ve REALLY got a teenage daughter now.

At the vph, Ric & sally are talk about what happened, and as they do, cass rtns from wherever she’s been. Cass wonders what’s going on.

Soon after, Maddie, Ric & cass are at Noah’s an they are talking about what’s occurred.

Maddie & cass suggetys that Ric should get the next round of drinks – although he not keen as Tony is work at the bar.

Ric approaches – and Tony indeed lays down the law, ie hurt Maddie and you’ll “pay”.

Maddie & cass add some lightness to the scene by way giving Ric the thumbs up after Tony has finished his spiel – both girls also are “wearing” beaming smiles.

As Amanda & co are about to start another day at wedding planning etc, kelii apologises to belle for her recent outburst.

Kelli then gets the daily mail – she sees that there is something addressed to ger.

She the joins Amanda, belle, Leah, peter & Dan in the kitchen, but secs later, the 2 men bail – so the women can do their ting with the wedding prep.

Indeed, soon after,. When Amanda (lounge room) is about to make a phone call (more arerngemts) she grabs Kelli’s nearby mobile – but Kelli says that she has little credit at present (belle looks intriqued,btw).

Amanda looks at the mail – but Kelli grabs the item that is hers. She says it’s a catalogue.

A little later, Amanda & belle are alone – and when belle asks about Kelli, Amanda tells her everything about Kelli, ie not only crash that Amanda caused, but the facts that Kelli isn’t confident enough to have a guy in her life, and that lack of confidence also means she’s been doing same job for last 10 years.

Soon after, the wedding dress coordinator lady is there – and Amanda has on the wedding dress, but she is unsure if this is her final choice.

Kelli is handed the bridesmaids dress –and when she comes back downstairs with it on, she comments about a bride who look horrid in a turquoise wed dress. Kelli says that she had to quit job, as woman was her boss. When bell wonders bout thujas (the 10 year job thing), Kelli says she moved to different department of same company.

Soon after, when belle is alone in lounge room, she reaches into Kelli’s bag – rads the mail she got today, ie a romantic “I love you” etc card

After peter arrives back, they all talk wed guests, belle wonders if there is someone special that Kelli will invite, when Kelli denies, belle says that she saw card as it must have dropped on the floor (and bell not know its was Kelli’s).

Kelli ays that she was engaged to a guy once, but called off wedding (not confidant enough). Kelli says that she just can’t go back there.

Belle goes to surf club – and drew is sceptic about her evidence against Kelli – but belle’s gut felling says something is up.

At mansion, when Kelli is alone, she rings Ethan 0- tells him no more impromptue cards or calls, and that if belle gets closer to the tuth, She may have to be eliminated.

Meanwhile, as drew & belle was along on road, Belle is keen to get the bottom of this mystery. (end of ep)


Belle discovers that Kelli kidnapped her – after she sees the shaved headed thug who she encountered at that time. Belle is WAAAAY in danger.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kelli’s scarlet plunge v neck satin bridesmaid dress

SILVER – Amanda’s white strapless wedding dress

BRONZE – Maddie’s aqua scoop neck t shirt


Amanda’s red (sparkle) plunge v neck top

Belle’s red singlet top

Cassie’s red “never never never give up” singlet top

Drew’s black (with red, white, green floral motif) t shirt

Kelli’s red (sunflower motifs) halter top

Leah’s olive green top/white top beneath

Maddie's sky blue singlet top/orange long skirt

Peter’s dark purple button up shirt

Ric’ red boxer shorts

Ric’s white (with 3 apricot vertical blocks on front) t shirt

Sally’s red low cut top/white top beneath

Sally's purple blouse/black top (beneath)/light brown shirts

Sally's sky blue (with yellow & orange dragon motif on the back) night gown

Tony’s choc Brown (surfy motif “McCoy) t shirt.

Wedding dress coordinator’s ivory (with white ruffle v neck) top/white Lacey jacket

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