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can some please give me Todd and Jess's facebook addresses please.

I'm friends with Todd on myspace, just need his facebook to add to my collection.

Yes Todd is on Facebook, but he does'nt add the fans as its a private account

He does'nt adds fans onto their though, (it is just for his family and friends) I am on his Facebook though, that is because before he became a regular in 2007, I actully have spoken to him quite a bit, which is why I have him on there. Todd will add people to his Myspace account, but like I said, his Facebook is private

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Thanks Zoe Louise, I found Jess's and just found Todd's.

I hope they both add me.

Hi all!

I know there has been confusion about this in the past so I just wanted to clarify for future reference that Todd will only add fans to his Myspace account www.myspace.com/toddtj - his Facebook is private. Unless you know him personally please do not send friend requests etc through Facebook.

Hope that helps.

Sarah (Webmaster)

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hey guys

These H&A stars have facebook:

Todd Lasance - Aden Jefferies

Lincoln Lewis - Geoff Campbell

Rebecca Breeds (Rebekah Brieds) - Ruby Buckton

Tessa James (Tess James) - Nicole Franklin

Bob Baines - Mr Bartlett

Christie Hayes (Christie Hayes Hatton) - Kirsty

Alex Greathead - Claudia Hammond

Luke Bracey - Trey Palmer

Charlotte Best - Annie Campbell

David Jones Roberts - Xavier Austin

Conrad Coleby - Roman Harris

Kain O'Keefe (Kain O'Keeffe) - Brendan Austin

Jodi Gordon (Jodi Lee) - Martha Holden/Mckenzie

Jordan Rodrigues - Jai Fernandaz

Axel Whitehead - Liam Murphy

Ex Cast’s Facebooks:

Trent Dalzell - Axel Hay

Mark Furze - Ric Dalby

Rhys Wakefield (Rhys Bakeshield) - Lucas Holden

Sophie Hensser - Freya Duric

Celeste Dodwell (Celestina Prophestina) – Melody Jones

Jason Smith – Robbie Hunter

Danny Raco – Alex Poulos

Sam Atwell – Kane Phillips

Holly Brisley – Amanda Baker

Paul O’Brien – Jack Holden

Tammin Sursok – Danny Sutherland

Rachel Gordon – Jacinta “Jazz” Curtis

Indiana Evans – Matilda Hunter

Cast's Myspaces:

Lincoln Lewis (Linkin)

Todd Lasance (Todd)

Mark Furze (Mark Furze Official Myspace)


O - The names in brackets are names of the stars that dont go by their real names and can be found on facebook under these names

O - If there isnt a bracket then thats the name they go by anyway.

O - There are numerous fakes so dont be lead a stray but fake lincolns or todds

O - Most of the cast don't accept fans however some like Todd or Tess may. It just depends

O - Some message back if your lucky

If i have missed any cast then please feel free to add on

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