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How can u be sure it's really them?

Because the majority of them are on Todd's facebook account friends list, and I know that that's Todd on there :)

Don't get us wrong, there's plenty of people pretending to be Todd / Becs / whoever on facebook too, but the real people do have accounts on it :)

FYI, some of the people on Todd's list aren't actually real. They've added him and he's just accepted them. The real Rhys Wakefield is on Facebook but he is cleverly disguised and is NOT on Todd's friend's list.

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Celeste Dodwell also has Facebook but changed her name to Celestina Prophestina because so many fans were wanting to add her and clogging up her email. She doesn't add fans at all because she wants to protect her privacy.

I think Jon (Tony) has one too but that he can't be searched. One of my brothers friends knows him.

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I updated the list a little…

- Bob Baines [bartlett]

- Christie Hayes-Hatton [Kirsty]

- Charlotte Best [Annie]

- Jess Tovey [belle] – spells her name Jes

- Todd Lasance [Aden]

- Lincoln Lewis [Geoff]

- Rebecca Breeds [Ruby] – spells her name differently

- David Robert Jones [Xavier]

- Tessa James [Nicole] – spells name Tess

- Conrad Coleby [Roman]

- Mark Furze [Ric]

- Kain O'Keefe [brendan]

- Axle Whitehead [Liam]

- Sam Atwell [Kane]

- Isabel Lucas [Tasha]

- Sharni Vinson [Cassie]

- Jordan Rodrigues [Jai]

- Jodi Lee [Martha]

- Holly Brisley [Amanda]

- Jessica Chapnik [Jack’s psycho wife I forget her name!]

- Tammin Sursock [Dani] – not sure if it’s real

- Danny Raco

- Sophie Hensser [Freya]

- Rachel Gordon [Jaz]

- Jon Siveright [tony] - I’ve heard Jon has Facebook but cannot be searched.

- Liz Alexander [Christine Jones] – as Elizabeth Alexander

Indiana probably does too, I think like almost everyone on the planet does!! Maybe she is completely private though

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