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^ i told Lincoln last night about the 'fake' Lincoln, and also, linked him to the page where it tells you how to get rid of people impersonating you on myspace.

Also asked him to inform the girls. In any case, I'll bring it up myself when I next meet them - because I really feel for the fans that fall for their act [including myself -insert embarrassed face here-] but .. it's just wrong what they're doing!

Yes I know it is, did Lincoln reply back to your message?

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Is Rebecca Breeds on facebook does anyone know?

Just saw Zoe's message

Must track her down; I now have proof that someone is pretending to be her!

Yeah, Rebecca does have a Facebook account,

Rebekah Brieds (thats her name on Facebook)

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Rebecca messaged me back today re the myspace account, so she's now aware of it.

I've sent her the info she needs to know re getting it shut down, so fingers crossed that'll all go smoothly for her ; she hadn't previously known about it. Also told her [and linked her to] about the fake Tess & Lincoln sites :)

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