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Im pretty sure the one i found is her, because there's a pic of her and two other girls and it cant be fake because the last time she logged in was 2006 when no one would of known who she was so its defiantly not fake she's probably just forgotten about it/ doesnt use myspace anymore

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Is anyone else having trouble leaving comments on the actors' MySpace pages? I don't think it's MySpace in general, because I seemed to be able to comment on Cal's page alright, but I tried Jason's and Marks and my internet keeps crashing every time I try to comment <_<

BTTB seems to be the only site that doesn't have a problem loading pages after I attempt a MySpace comment, and given BTTB's IPS error history that is extra crazy!

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Read on Wikipedia that Tessa James has one - it gives you the link - its also set to private so i guess if it is real she doesnt want random fans adding her but it could be set on private to make it seem more real - my policy is, unless they add you dont add them - never happens but its a good way to sift out the fakes

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