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i added him, quite a while back, when he came back as an extra last year, which is when he told me about Aden becoming a regular charcter, and we used to talk alot, but since then, hes become VERY busy and hardly replies, Jordan and me talk i added him on MSN, when he had his email up, hes a nice kidd xD

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hey i worked out how to get lincoln to write back... insult him!! lol

here's what i wrote:

"oy piglet. add me. don't worry i'm not a fan... actually i think ur pretty arrogant. but i want u to add me so i can read your comments and laugh at you.

i dare you"

and here's his response:

"Right well the fact that u dont know me personally , and want to add me so u can laugh at my personal **** .. kinda dosent make sense wen u say u think IM the arrogant 1.. also the fact u wannt go on Myspace of all things to write somethin like that makes u sound pretty sad sorry to say. think u got a lil too much time on ya hands buddy.

goodluck with everything, seems like u got alot going ur way."

i really am a fan...i was just looking for a reaction...and i got one!

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