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Updating my list :P

These I know for sure myspace:

Christie Hayes

Sam Atwell

Tobi Atkins (Henry)

Sebastian Elmaloglou

Rhys Wakefield

Jessica McNamee (Lisa)

Mark Furze

Todd Lasance

Gabrielle Scollay (Tam)

Danny Raco

Lincoln Lewis

Kimberley Cooper (Gypsy)

+ Charlotte Best

+ Jordan Rodrigues

+ Jason Smith

+ Celeste Rihannon Dodwell

And these has facebook:

Conrad Coleby

Rhys Wakefield

Jessica McNamee

Christie Hayes

Sam Atwell

Jason Smith

Dan Bennett - crew member

Brett Hicks-Maitland (Dylan)

Natasha Lee (Lee)

Ben Steel (Jude)

Jessica Chapnik

Todd Lasance

Rachel Gordon (Jazz)

Holly Brisley

Mark Furze

Kimberley Cooper (Gypsy)

Zac Drayson (Will)

+ Danny Raco (Alex)

+ Jessica Tovey

+ Laurie Foell

+ Isabel Lucas

+ Tiffany Preece (Naomi)

+ Celeste Rhiannon Dodwell

+ Charlotte Best

+ Luke Carroll

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Caitlin Stasey does have a MySpace page, though it's not under her name; it's obviously real as there are pics of her watching Norwich City with her English family.

Some older Neighbours viewers might be interested to know that Rebecca Ritters (Hannah Martin) has both a MySpace and Facebook page, however she barely ever logs into MySpace, and seems to only accept personal friends on Facebook - however if you click on "see Rebecca's friends" next to her profile you'll find a number of ex-Neighbours people there.

The most trusted MySpace/Facebook user is Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl), who regularly updates about both his acting and his music activities.

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yer todd does add fans he added me and i commented him nd he replyed like a day later

it was soo nice of him i love him even more now

but if u do comment him don't keep sending comments with like comment me continuously cause from wat i can tell then he doesn't comment u !!!

so be nice nd i'm pretty sure he will reply :)

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