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Summer Heat

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Story Title: Summer Heat

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Mtilda, Kim, Ric and others

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC L

Summary: Alternate Universe. Ric is 22, Matty is 21, Kim is 23. Ric left the bay over six moths ago leaving behind him a heartbroken Matilda. He returned having learnt one thing – his heart belongs to Matty. But while he was away Matilda found condolence and then a new love in Kim. Their relationship will be tested as Ric battles to win back Matilda – will an old love be reignited or are some hurts just too deep to forget.

Hey this is my first attempt at a fan fic hopefully you'll like it, am not sure where is it going but just came to my head one day.

Hope you enjoy!!

Jess :rolleyes:

Chapter 1

Rain beat down heavily but did little to cool the air. The water turned into steam which rose lazily from the road strengthening the afternoon haze.

He watched her from across the room. It was a regular occurrence and she knew well the heat from his intense gaze. But there was a difference this afternoon; they were alone in the laundromat. Matilda put her last garment into the machine when he approached.

“You look lovely today,” he said in a deep smooth voice. Her spine tingled.

“We shouldn’t be talking – we can’t have this conversation again.” It came out barely more then a whisper.

“I don’t understand why not, I’ve missed you and I know you’ve missed me as well” he whispered in her ear. His hot breath lingered on her neck as a reminder of what once was.

“We can’t go back there we just can’t,” Matty said breathily, as she tried to ignore her quickening pulse. Being in the same room as him did this to her and his breath on her neck and the wet midsummer’s night did nothing help.

Ric knew Matty’s composure was weakening and he couldn’t give up. They were meant to be together, he had finally realized when he had come back from New Zealand.

Matty however had said she had moved on and she convinced herself she had. He had hurt her when he left out of the blue. Kim had been there for her, first as her brother’s friend then as something more, but their relationship was only young and in her heart she knew she did not yet love him like she had Ric.

Standing alone with Ric so close to her, looking at her so intensely, she didn’t know how much longer her willpower would hold out.

Ric stood back as she turned to face him. Her skin was glistening from the humidity and sand lay across her collarbone from her afternoon at the beach with Cassie. She had grown up in the six months that he was away – she had become a woman. Her slight frame had grown curves and her eyes showed more then they once did. They also hinted at what how much hurt was hidden. The innocence that was once so prominent had given way to a worldliness and grace that echoed throughout.

His heart gave out to her. Why had he left her? He could remember his reasoning but it seemed so trivial now. She could not look any more beautiful he thought as she stood there. Clad in yellow hot pants and a white singlet Matilda had had a long day and hadn’t put a seconds thought into her appearance when she raced out to wash some clothes for work on Monday.

“Please Ric, I can’t argue with you again, I just ….”

“Then don’t Maddy,” he cut across her words leaving her speechless.

How he made her go numb she could never understand. Matilda had follow her father’s dream for her and studied hard to become a journalist. Her father had taught her how one word can change the meaning a whole story and her passion had grown. Since then she was never short for words, except now with Ric standing in front of her.

He stroked her arm as she tried further to protest. It helped little, she was weak against him. One of Ric’s hands moved to the small of Matty’s back and pulled her up against him. His firm body engulfed her as instinctively she reciprocated.

The kiss came quickly. Neither expected it nor could they tear themselves away. It was both the last and only thing that Matilda had wanted and as she pulled away a wave of guilt swept over her.

“I can’t Ric. I just can’t. I’ll come back for my clothes in an hour, please don’t be here,” said whispered as tears threatened to spill.

“He had better not be here.” An angry voice echoed in the sparse room.

“Kim. What….How come you’re here? I said I’d be back shortly babe,” said Matty as she ran to him.

“I wanted to put a shirt into your wash, but good thing I came down when I did,” said Kim, a little louder then if it had been only her in the room.

“Don’t worry mate was just leaving,” Ric said heading out the door. As he passed Matilda his hand grazed the small of her back, hoping to remind her of what they just shared.

“Are you ok babe? Was he bothering you again? I’m sorry if I over stepped my mark…. I just got protective when I saw the look on your face – you looked upset, scared almost,” His concern was evident and genuine, and made Matty’s heart melt – he really loved her she thought.

“I’m fine, come on lets go home.”

That night as Matty lay next to Kim, his large frame hugging hers, her thoughts went back to the afternoon, that kiss, and Ric.

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Chapter 2 –

Running always made her feel better – the morning dew on the grass in the park, the stillness before day break when the world was untouched and it was just her and the rhythmic thudding of her feet on the pavement.

Matty had slipped out of bed early this morning. She needed time to herself to think before Kim woke up.

Her relationship with Kim had taken her by surprise. The last thing she expected after Ric had left was to be able to love again – but Kim had brought laughter back into her life. His sweet ways had melted her heart and it wasn’t long before they were spending every waking – and sleeping – moment together.

Things were going really well for Matty – she had a job with an editor who trusted her completely, she had just become an aunt again and she and Kim were looking for a flat of their own.

Then Ric came back. She often wondered how she would react when or if she saw him again. She had hoped it would be easy and civilised, and it was.

It scared Matty how easily it was to slip back into comfort with Ric. She first saw him again at the diner – she was waiting to have lunch with Kim.

She instantly pulled him into a hug and they chatted for 20 minutes before Matty realised she was mad at him and left.

It was that memory that ran through her thoughts – that memory and feeling of familiarity, and the warmth and comfort of being in Ric’s arms.

The thought of him made her stomach flutter but her head kept telling her keep away.

Her mother had once told her that she wore her heart on her sleeve and listened to her heart with no consideration for what her head was saying. Beth always told her it was endearing – but when Ric left, Matty hurt so much that she decided that it was a bad thing.

Matty arrived home just over an hour later determined to get Ric out of her mind. She already had a lovely boyfriend who adored her and she wasn’t prepared to risk that for a relationship with no trust – she was listening to her head.

Matty went into her room just as Kim began to stir.

“Hey babe, don’t get up how bout I get you breakfast in bed?” she cooed in Kim’s ear.

“Hmmm,” grunted a half awake Kim.

“Well the offer is expiring in 30 seconds, so is the over for it to be delivered by a naked me,” Matilda cheekily added for effect.

Kim sprung into life, “I’m up and awake”

“Too slow,” laughed Matilda as she undressed for the shower.

Kim couldn’t take his eyes off her. He loved how her skin glistened with sweat when she came back from a run. It crossed Kim’s mind again how lucky he was to be with Matilda, she was often pursued by many men but he took joy that at the end of the day she always came home to him.

Matty was climbing into the shower when she felt Kim’s strong arm around her bare waist.

“You look beautiful,” he said. “Come back to bed, you know I can’t resist you when you’re like this and it’s your fault - you got me wound up.”

Matty laughed, “Well I guess I could be persuaded. Of course this means you’ll have to make me breakfast in bed later though.”

“Absolutely,” said Kim as he led a giggling Matty back to bed where they spent the morning making love until they both had to rush off to work at nine – leaving no time for breakfast.

Across the bay at the caravan park Ric was being woken up by a very excited Pippa. Pippa had missed Ric while he was in New Zealand – the pair had become even closer after Cassie moved out and Pippa had adored Ric’s relationship with Matilda.

“Wake up Ric. I told my friends you’d walk me to school. They all think I have the coolest brother and I said you’d be with me today and I can’t look like a liar coz I said you’d be there and you have to come because I have missed you,” she cried.

“Alright, alright, I’m up. Just give me five minutes Pip.” Ric knew Pippa hurt a lot when he left out of the blue, so he was prepared to do everything he could to make it up to her – even if it meant walking his kid sister to school.

Five minutes later Ric walked into the kitchen where Sally cleaning up after breakfast.

“Morning Ric. What time did you get home last night?”

“Not too late – went to the beach with Luc,” replied Ric.

Sally was on leave from Summer Bay High – Her and Brad had just adopted a baby and she had switched to stay at home mum until their little boy was a bit older.

“I’ll catch you later Sal, I’m just walking with Pip to school,” said Ric as Pippa tugged him out the door.

Sally just laughed – she loved having her house full again. But since Ric had returned she noticed something had changed in him. His spark had gone and Sally knew that the one person that could bring it back was far from ready to forgive him.

Coming up:

Sally and Ric heart to heart.

Kim and Ric talk

What made Ric leave?

And will Matty return to Ric when her relationship with Kim hits a roadblock.

Hope you enjoy

Jess xox

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