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Affair (by Traceve) - comments


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Awesome *waits for Chrissie to read*

*joins lil waiting* We all know Chrissie secretly likes Holly and Nic more then Claire and Nic :ph34r:

Thanks guys for commenting!

ZOMG! *dies of shock*

Nic and Holly?!?! Nic and Claire?!?! :o

*sighs* Am I that predictable?

The answer is no... I love Nic/Claire more than Nic/Holly.

I actually don't know what to say. *Speechless*

Fantastic. Brilliant. Amazing. Awesome.

I love DB more to be honest. :P

Great job, Shannon. And Lil, I have no idea where you got that idea from but Nic/Claire are meant to be together.

Lol, wouldn't it be funny if their own respective partners were having an affair with each other as well. Since Nic/Holly are having an affair already, Claire/Tom should also.

What am I saying? *slaps self*

ETA: I guessed as much it was Holly although I didn't expect it to be her. :P

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Very good! You have Ava in it...good. She's cute!

Yes, she is she is gorgeous aned Bobby was going to babysit, he would be good with kids :P

Loved the fic Shan!

But then again, I love all your fics :P

Oh and now did I know this would be about Nic?

*blushes* thanks Rosey

I love DB more to be honest.

Well he is your'e alter ego! :lol::P

Thanks everyone for commenting :)

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