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Red Wine (by furrylogic) - comments


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Quality update Anna, seriously superb writing. Poor Matilda losing her parents and coping with Lucas's disability. It makes so much sense to me why they'd feel this way that I don't really see it as an unconventional pairing at all, it just seems right.

I love the depth you bring to the story and the way you make the characters so believable. I've been a fan of your writing since 'That Night' and I'm so glad you're writing a story I can follow. Great work!

i dont get it

I thought this remark was quite rude. As Sevenpuddings said if you don't get it why not ask the author or specify just what you don't get rather than coming out with a vague comment. Alternatively just re-read the story and I'm sure you'll understand it, everybody else seems to.

Anna keep up the good work hun.xx

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Unconventional...Yeah right! You make it SO right Anna. That was just right. I'm glad you've shed light on the situation a bit more, especially from Jack's point of view. I had a little bit of trouble understanding in your challenge fiction why he would cheat on his wife and be willing to leave his kids. But I can see why him and Martha are wrong, and it was done really well. Just very simplistic/realistic yet deep.

Please update soon :)

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*Squeals* OMG, seriously? That was AMAZING! Wow, stunning. I love, love, love it. So descriptive, so emotive, so blown away like. I want more Jack/Mattie fics please... I know its wrong, but something about the way you write them just makes them so perfect... its like a deliciously dark secret that needs to remain hidden away.

I can't wait for the final part... yet I can, because its been such an amazing story.

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