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Red Wine (by furrylogic) - comments


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Wow. Seriously, thats so brilliant. The writing is so intriguing, and I find myself constantly sitting waiting for more. And its really showing the development of the feelings. I can't wait for more on this, even though I'm a hardcore Mattie/Luke lover, I'm really loving this story, because its just so different and daring!

As for some that review... *shakes head* how about reading the topic title and sub title before reviewing?

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Fantastic Anna! I was one of the reviewers begging for more on your initial entry, which by the way was superb so I'm made up you've gone with this. You're a really good writer and I'm amazed this is the first non-challenge story you've put up here.

I'm really feeling Matilda's pain at the moment and I can see exactly why she and Jack might end up in the situation they did in Red Wine. I'm intrigued to know who died though and what exactly is wrong with Luke. This is so interesting!

As for the unconventional pairing, I'm a huge fan of them and I get bored of the same old characters in every story hence why in the challenge I've just set the restriction is specifically an unconventional pairing. Hopefully that'll give people an even chance at being judged on their story and not the pairing if every story contains an unconventional pairing.

Maybe you could think of something to enter with if you have the time, your obviously pretty good at making unconventional pairings and I'd like to see what you come up with.

In the meantime I'm delighted to be able to keep reading this, please continue.xx

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As for the comment about the vomit worthy pairing, made above, I believe she actually asked for an open mind about the couple, so perhaps you could respect the authors wishes and either keep your comments to yourself, or make them constructive... simply because they don't go with your favourite pairing doesn't mean they should not be given a chance!

I'm really sorry if my comment came across offensive. I was trying to make a joke, so that is why I put a line through the 'vomitworthy' bit. Although, obviously, it wasn't very funny. I'm really sorry, and as you can see, after that rude statement from me, I also wrote that I was really enjoying the fic and loved the writing. Which I definitely do!

Furrylogic, you are definitely very brave to use this unconvential pairing, and it is a good thing! I'm loving the writing and all the explanations are excellent!

Again, I am sorry that my comment came out rudely, because it definitely wasn't meant to be. I look forward to reading more! :D That last chapter was brilliant by the way!

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Thanks and don't worry. I knew this story would be a bit hard to take for some people. It's just so unusual but I had to do it. But don't worry I didn't take any of it to heart.

Okie dokie, thanks. :wink:

It is good that the story is unusual, because it means that there are not other copycat fics out there, and while people might find the couple a bit odd at first, they get used to it and, basically it just suits the writing and the fic. :) Also, I think having unconvential pairing sort of frees the boundaries, because there is a lot more storylines to write about with a new couple. Another reason why the latest Challenge is going to be great! :D

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i dont get it

What's not to get? Also, if you don't understand, try asking the author for an explination, or waiting for more of the story to come as whatever it is your confused about may be explained.

I loved this update. It was so raw and dark in the middle of what should have been a happy moment for Mattie and Luke. Its so descritive, it has be glued to every word, and I can't wait for more. This is one heck of a story!

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