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Red Wine (by furrylogic) - comments


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Despite the vomit-worthy odd pairing, the story is really good. :) I'm a bit curious to see Martha's reaction to her husband's affair.

I really loved what you wrote in the Challenge, so I definitely look forward to seeing more writing. I definitely think the story can rise to it's full potential now that you have no word limit! :P

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Squee!!! I ADORED this fic, and I'm so proud that someone is brave enough to tackle such an interesting pairing.

I'm loving it so far, you're really developing the characters and the scene, and I can't wait to see where its gone.

As for the comment about the vomit worthy pairing, made above, I believe she actually asked for an open mind about the couple, so perhaps you could respect the authors wishes and either keep your comments to yourself, or make them constructive... simply because they don't go with your favourite pairing doesn't mean they should not be given a chance!

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I agree with Jess, I read your challenge and was so shocked by the end but I loved it. I thought it was such a different pairing that needed to be explored.

I love what you've done with the prologue, can't wait to see it develop further.

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