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Okay we're trying this as an experiment for now see how it goes.

As suggested in comments and suggestions all spoilers from now on should be posted in the pinned Spoiler thread and all discussion, comments, appreciation of the spoilers should go in here.

We appreciate it'll be confusing at first but if you want to talk about a particular set of spoilers it is possible to use the quote button in the other thread and reply in here.

The idea though is to encourage more discussion in the main neighbours forum.

The Mods.

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Lolly is leaving already? She hasn't even been shown here yet... This is one of the reasons why I barely watch the show anymore. So many characters leave and so many come, it's getting annoying now.

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I'll believe it when i see it.Apparently the two other Timmins boys are coming and why would they if the rest of the family leave.And that Adelaide Chic hasn't even been seen onscreen yet.

i also think it's to many,along with Damien Bodie, Ben Nicholas and Janet Andrewarttha that's a half of the cast gone and they'll have to be replaced or they might as well call it Neighbour.

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