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Sad, Upset, Depressed and Alone!

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Sorry guys lol its a short one shot!!

Type of Story One shot

Rating T

Main Characters Rocco, Sally

Genre don’t know

Warnings Stabbing?

Is Story being proof read No

Summary When Rocco stabbed Sally, but this time he goes back to her and confesses he stabbed her.

Rocco threw the knife to the ground before running off, he’d just stabbed Sally and was terrified, he didn’t want to hang around any longer, he didn’t want to be caught when they found her, Rocco didn’t know why he listened to his brother for, he shouldn’t of, Sally had treated him good, letting him stay at the house, rent free, then he goes and does this to her, he decided to turn around and go back to her, make sure she’s ok, stuff Johnny he can go to hell, Rocco thought to himself,

“Sally are you ok?” asked a terrified Rocco bending down to Sally, he checked for a pulse, he could only feel a light pulse, he called for an ambulance and stayed by Sally’s side till it got there, five minutes had passed and the ambulance turned up,

“is she going to be ok?” asked Rocco, scared that she could die, he was going to come forward if one of the ambo drivers asked what happened, he couldn’t keep it inside him for to much longer,

“do you know how this happened?” asked the ambo driver, putting Sally on a life support machine, the other Ambo driver was getting the bed out of the Ambulance, ready to put Sally on it,

“I, I uh stabbed her, my brother Johnny Cooper wanted her out of the way, because she dobbed him into the police!” said Rocco, scared as how they might reply to what he just told them, Johnny was going to kill him now, for not doing his job properly,

“you did a good thing by calling for an ambulance, any longer and she might have died, we’re going to have to call the police though Rocco!” replied Nick the Ambo driver, ringing the police on his cell phone, the poor boy looked scared to death,

“you, you cant get them involved please I don’t want to go to jail with my brother, he’ll kill me himself!! Please don’t do this please!” pleaded Rocco, but the Ambo driver didn’t listen, Rocco wanted to make a run for it, but he didn’t he knew he’d be in more trouble, maybe he wont be arrested, he was blackmailed, scared, to scared to tell Johnny no, Johnny never took no for an answer that was the problem with him,

“it has to be done I’m afraid, don’t worry you might not get sent to prison!!” replied the Ambo driver, trying to calm Rocco down, he looked like he had seen a ghost,

“don’t say that mate, I will be sent to prison, I may as well say good bye to my life now, I’ll be the next one in that hospital bed!!” said Rocco panicking,

“we’ll soon find out, anyway we better go we have to get to hospital, do you want to come?” replied the Ambo man, offering to let Rocco come in the Ambulance with Sally,

“uh yeah sure, thanks mate!!” said Rocco, he looked over at Sally, lying there as if she were dead, he couldn’t believe he’d done such a thing to her, he really hoped she wasn’t going to die, he would tell her the truth when the time came, right now he was to ashamed to, she’d be upset and angry, he couldn’t blame her for being angry, he could of killed her, she could be dead.

“who could do such a thing to Sally?!” said Alf, sitting in the waiting room waiting for Sally to get out of surgery, he hoped she’d come out alive, but it was taking so long he didn’t think she’d survive it,

“some sick bastard and if I get my hands on them there life wont be worth living!!” replied Ric, looking over at Rocco,

“it, it was me ok, I stabbed her, Johnny wanted me to get her out of the way for payback! I didn’t want to do it, but it was either me or her!” said Rocco, terrified as to how Ric would react, he’ll probably get the bashing of a life time,

“mate you could of gone to the ****ing police, you didn’t have to stab Sally!!” replied Alf, that was the first time he had ever swore, he was that angry, he wasn’t going to use violence, it would just make things worse than they already are,

“I couldn’t Johnny would of killed me the moment he’d found out I turned him in again, I don’t want to die!!” said Rocco, there was one thing he was terrified of and that was his brother Johnny, he wished he had never of joined the gang, but he did and now its gotten him into a lot of trouble,

“look mate I know you didn’t mean to do it, you were scared of what might happen if you didn’t, but you could of talked to one of us we wouldn’t of been angry, we would of helped you” replied Alf, trying to understand why Rocco did what he did, he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do to the rest of the town, the poor kid will probably end up in jail with his brother, lf couldn’t let that happen, he knew what Johnny was like, he didn’t want to see Rocco get hurt, he was a good kid,

“why the hell did you do it Rocco, why didn’t you talk to Sal?!!” said Ric, wanting to punch Rocco,

“I’ve already told you, I was terrified it was either her or me, Johnny would of got another gang member to kill me!! I didn’t mean to do it mate, I didn’t want to!!” replied Rocco, still shaking, from when he stabbed Sally, he wanted to go and kill himself now,

“terrified my ass Rocco you shouldn’t be here, Sal wont want to see you when and if she wakes up so just do us all a favour and leave!” said Ric getting up and grabbing Rocco by the shirt, he wanted to kill the bastard for what he did to sally, after everything she’d done for him he turns around and does this,

“I have every right to be here mate, I have to confess to her, before the police get here, I want to do the right thing!!” replied Rocco, trying to get away from Ric’s strong grip,

“Ric get off of him now!! Hitting him wont make you feel better!” said Alf pushing Ric away from Rocco,

“just please let me tell her the truth, then I’ll go!” replied Rocco, looking over at Peter who had just walked in, he really wanted to run off now that he turned up,

“Is she ok?” asked Peter, he looked at Rocco with a look of sadness and angriness, he didn’t know what to do,

“we don’t know yet, she’s not out of surgery!” replied Alf, at that second Dr Armstrong walked out of the operating room,

“is she ok? Is she going to make it?” asked Ric, worried that she hadn’t made it,

“she’s ok, but she hasn’t made it out of the anaesthetic, but she should wake up in the next hour” said Rachel, upset that she had to operate on her friend,

“can we go and see her now?” asked Alf, wanting to go and see Sal,

“yes you may but stick to family for now!” replied Rachel walking away, she new Sally would make it out on the anaesthetic, she was a strong woman,

“thanks Rachel!!” said Alf walking into Sally’s room, Rocco following behind,

“oh my god, what have I done? What have I done?” said Rocco, upset by the look of Sally,

“Rocco mate your going to have to come down to the station with me, to answer a few questions!” replied Peter, he didn’t want to do this but it had to be done,

“but I want to be here when she wakes up, I want to be the one to tell her who stabbed her” said Rocco, not wanting to go with Peter just yet, he thought he’d be doing the right thing by telling Sally who stabbed her but obviously Peter didn’t think it was the right thing to do,

“mate you still can I’ll get someone to call when she wakes up” replied Peter, leading Rocco out.

“why did you do it Rocco?” asked Peter, questioning Rocco, it was hard enough, he wished he didn’t have to do it,

“when you made me talk to my brother, he wanted me to stab Sally to get her out of the equation, I said no but he wouldn’t take that for an answer, he said it was either me or Sally, I didn’t know what else to do so I stabbed Sally, I was to terrified to go to the police, he would of known it was me!” replied Rocco, he was wondering what was going to happen to him, he didn’t want to go to jail and be with Johnny, he’d be murdered,

“why didn’t you come to us? We could of helped you!” said Peter, disappointed,

“I was to scared to he would of gotten one of the gang members to murder me, I didn’t want that!!” replied Rocco,

“It wouldn’t of happened Rocco we would of put you in witness protection for awhile, till everything had blown over!” said Peter,

“I don’t want to be locked up in witness protection for the rest of my life!!” replied Rocco,

“ok, your free to go, if we have anymore questions we’ll give you a call!” said Peter walking Rocco to the door.

Rocco was walking to the hospital when he heard someone in the bushes, he turned around to see who it was but couldn’t see anyone so he kept walking, suddenly a gun shot him from in front of him and got him right in the chest, he knew it was someone in the gang, who else would want to kill him? There was no chance of Rocco surviving a gun shot to the chest, he died a sad and lonely death, the real killer was……………..RIC he had to kill him, he didn’t care if he was scared or terrified there was no excuse for stabbing Sally, the boy deserved nothing other than to be dead!!


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