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Wed 28 Feb 07 - " Amanda’s Sanity IS Ebbing Away “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Amanda’s Sanity IS Ebbing Away “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 28 Feb 07 - Episode # 4363)

After Martha has another empty pram dream, she goes for a swim in the ocean. However, she’s still mora than a tad hangover when Tony arrives at Noah’s. Martha says that she is here because of an early delivery.

Tony then makes comment about a noise complaint at the surf club lat night – Martha says it was hoons outside.

When Martha goes home, she & alf talk about how great that Ric is out of jail.

Alf then gets phone call – it’s about Celia. She has collapsed (stoke) in front of a group of kids in African when she was teaching as part of mission work. Alf arranges to go to Africa to go and check things out.

He & Martha go to Noah’s – she for latest shift and alf to “kill time” wait for cab. He decides to9 do stock invertyory – 4 bottle of wine unaccounted for. Martha says that she sold them after till closed last innght.

Irene then arrives – surprise alf when she says that she is taking him to airport etc.

When alf is hgine, Tony finds the wine bottles (all empty). He wonders if the noise complaint really was hoons – Martha comes clean about when she entertained new friend.

Tony suggests that Martha rally should talk to someone – as (also) with alf gone, she is the only one who can run the bar.

It’s early morning, and Amanda is still way on edge about the whole Ethan business, but she tries to put that out of her mind by having a weeding preparation meeting at her palace.

She goes to the diner to get some food, and to invite the like of belle, Luke, Leah etc.

Meanwhile, on the beach, kelli meets up with Ethan. Kelli suggest that Amanda should start seeing ghosts, and sure enough, when Amanda exits the diner, she waaaaaaay drops the food etc in her hand – when she sees Ethan nearby.

Kelli wonders what happened -0 and Amanda tells her. Kelli thinks it’s just Amanda’s guilt.

After these two rtn to the mansion, the likes of Dan, Leah & drew and then Luke & belle arrive. Drew seems a bit miffed that Luke is invited to this meeting – as he is not part of the wedding party.

Things continue to be tense tween the teen trio, esp. when belle wonders why Luke can’t suit with her for the more formal parts of the reception.

Things are also still tense for amanda -0 she think that she heard something say that an Ethan is the person that she & peter will be getting dance training from (for the bridal waltz etc).

Amanda goes intotrhe kitchen – and, at window, sees Ethan again !!!

She drops wine bottle in her hand. Everyone (Peter, belle, kelli etc_) rush in. amanda says that she thought she saw a mouse. Peter is surprised – BELLE notices an intriguing look on Kelli’s face.

Later, when everyone in long gone, amanda talks to kelli before she gets a late night drink of water she peers out through a couple of windows – but no sign of the ghost.

Of course, kelli is (unknown to amanda) at the top of the stairs – revelling in her sister’s madness.

Next morning, peter & kelli talk in the kitchen., peter wonders if kelli knows what is going on with Amanda.

Kelli then finds Amanda on one of the upturned small boats near the diner. Kelli tells Amanda that peter is suspicions.

Amanda tells kelli that its all too much – and that she is going to tell the police what happened (end of ep)


Will Kelli be able to convince Amanda (at police station) not to confess?

It seems like Martha’s new friend just may be one of Sam’s husband’s evil henchman

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s brown (sparkly vertical stipes) spaghetti strap dress/black cropped jacket

SILVER – Kelli’s orange (brown triangle at “collar”) halter top

BRONZE – Irene’s white crossover top/orange top (beneath)


Alf’s white (blue & green checks) button up shirt

Amanda’s black satin night gown

Amanda’s white spaghetti strap top/black shirt

Belle’s white (black [unsure] motif) top

Dan’s green/white/black polo shirt

Drew’s black (x motifs) button up shirt

Ethan’s white (blue check) button up shirt/black t shirt

Kelli’s red/orange halter dress

Leah’s red singlet top

Luke’s dirty pink (motif unknown) t shirt/denim jeans

Martha’s black 2 piece (incl halter singlet top) swimsuit

Martha’s choc brown singlet top/white & red Noah’s zip up jacket/short denim shirt

Martha’s stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) blouse

Peter’s light blue PJ pants/grey t shirt

Peter’s way light purple button up shirt

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