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Scarred For Life

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Topic Title: Scarred for life

Genre: Drama/Action

Warning: May have slight Violence

Being Proofread: Not yet

Rating: PG (A) (V) (L) (DR)

Description: One-shot fan fic (Long)

'Earth to Detective Brody' the handsome Detective Baker joked, waving his hand frantically in Clare's face. Clare had been day dreaming. 'Snap outta it!' she muttered to herself under her breath, stop the day dreaming'.

'Uh yeah Peter honey, what did you want me for?' 'Any news on the new case regarding Eve Jacobsen's whereabouts?', Baker asked, wanting an answer. 'Uh, no sorry, I've been busy, with erm, something' she replied smiling. Clare had been planning his birthday party for weeks and had totally forgot about work. It was so unlike her. But I guess that happens when you're busy trying to surprise the ones you love. Clare had been dating Peter for 5 whole months now and things were pretty close between them. Lara always joked 'Ever since they had started going out ther're so close you'll never get a breath between them'. Clare made one last phone call then returned to her desk, placing the papers she had in her hand down next to her phone. She brushed her long blonde hair out of her eyes and then sighed. 5:45pm was the time shown on her watch. Time to head home. 'Ok guys, I'm off now, seeya tomorrow'. Tomorrow was the big day. The party was going to be huge................

Clare woke up and looked to her right at the small black radio alarm clock on the small chest of draws beside her head. 7:30am. 'Time to get up and get ready for this party' Clare said, still half asleep. She rolled out of bed, and walked into the kitchen for breakfast, tripping over a pair of trackies she had thrown on the floor the other day. She put some bread in the toaster and poured herself a glass of orange juice. Because she was still half asleep, the juice spilt everywhere. 'S**t!' she groaned, mopping up the mess with a damp cloth. To make things worse, she had been drinking in the bar most of the night with Peter and she still had a slight hangover. She was in absolutely no mood for a party. Not even a party for the love of her life, Peter.

Heavy rock music was playing loudly, and everyone was chatting and having a great time. The night was dark, but still warm and humid. Peter saw Clare walk out the sliding door leading outside to the balcony. Peter followed her and sat next to her, beer in one hand, on the outside 2 seater swinging chair. 'What's wrong babe?' he asked. 'Nothing, I'm fine, go enjoy your party'. He smiled at her, then leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. The night was pefect. The kiss was perfect. Those thoughts kept going through her head while she kissed him back. The 2 of them were interrupted by a loud knock on the glass of the sliding door. Peter caught a glimpse of who was spying on them. It was Dan, Peter's brother.

Holding his hand, Clare walked back inside, pulling Peter behind her. 'Is it just me or can I smell gas?' she asked worrying. Everyone covered their mouths and got down, low on the floor. 'The cake! It has sparklers on it!' Clare screamed. Everyone panicked and headed towards the door. All except for Amanda, who was studying herself in the bathroom mirror. As usuall. Once everyone was outside, people started to go home. 'Ok, is that everyone?' Peter asked Clare. 'Say not here if you're not here', Jack laughed walking up towards Peter and Clare. 'No time for joking mate, now's the time to be serious' Peter scolded. 'Wait! Amanda's inside, I need to go get her honey, wait here'. Peter ran inside, looking for her.

'Hey where is everyone?' Amanda asked Peter, walking out of the bathroom, zipping up her make-up bag. 'I was just about to light the sparklers on the cake and what do they do? Walk out on me' she told Peter. 'No don't! Don't light it! There's a gas leak!' Amanda didn't listen to him. She thought he was joking. 'Don't!'. He had warned her again but it was to late, she had lit the match.

BANG! The house Clare once lived in was bursting up in flames.

Amanda sat up, rubbing her eyes. She had just regained her consciousness. She checked Peter's pulse. None. She screamed and quickly jumped out a window of the burning house.

'Oh my god! How are you feeling?' Jack asked Amanda. 'I'm good, I suppose', she replied softly. 'Peter didn't make it' she announced, a tear dropping from her eye.

'The fire brigade are here', Dan announced, cutting into their conversation. 'Tell them Peter's dead inside the house, they'll get him out after the fire's been put out' Amanda instructed her ex. 'Yes ma'am' Dan said to her sarcastically. 'Oh and Dan, don't tell Clare just yet ok? 'Sure'.

The fire had been put out, and Peter was nowhere in sight. Clare was starting to worry. She walked around her front lawn looking around for him among the many people that had stayed. Where could he be? Behind her she heard the quiet whispering voices of some of the fire fighters. To her left, 2 fire fighters in bright yellow uniforms were carrying a male body out of the house. Peter? Yes it was! She noticed he wasn't moving. 'Oh no! This can't be happening! Peter!' she yelled, running towards him. Jack saw her running and followed closely behind her. 'So sorry Clare but he didn't make it' one of the two men informed her. Clare's eyes started to water. Then she looked at the now dead Peter, her handsome Peter, the one she loved the most Peter. She burst into tears. Jack placed a hand on her right shoulder, comforting her. She turned around and hugged him tightly. Inside she knew it. She would be scarred. Scarred for life.


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