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Mon 26 Feb 2007 - " Maddie's (Really) Crazy Plan "

Guest dodge

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The very unofficial title for tonight's eppy - " Maddie's (Really) Crazy Plan "

Home and Away Episode #4361. Originally aired on Mon 26 Feb 07 on Seven Network, Australia.


  • Martha has a vision of an empty stroller on the beach
  • Ric denies that drugs were hidden beneath his prison bunk
  • Johnny pays prison guard "Jones" off for drugs
  • Cassie insists she wants to stay in the bay, and Macca loses his cool and hits her.
  • As Sal comforts Cassie over the end of her relationship with Macca, the prison calls... "It's Ric"

CREDITS (Full roll today!)

PRISON (Infirmary) > Alf skirts in, looking for Ric. He's shown into a hospital-type room where Ric is seen recovering with cuts and bruises to the face, and stiches somewhere on his body. He denies to Alf that the injuries are self-inflicted and believes that Johnny is paying off one of the guards. Alf, using his experiences, ensures Ric knows not to trust anyone - it might not be the one he thinks. Ric also begs Alf not to tell Maddy.

PRISON (Grounds) > Ric walks out of the infirmary despite advice to the contrary. He has a peek beyond the stairs and sees... you guessed it, the guard he thought he could trust - Jones, doing a deal with Johnny.

DINER > Colleen laments that Ric is in gaol and being allowed to be bullied. The assembled group (Alf, Sally, Brad, Martha, Cassie) all cry foul and wonder if there's anything they can do. As Colleen waffles again and the group breaks up, Maddy walks in and overhears what's happened. Martha and later Alf both receive phone calls.

OUTSIDE DINER / PRISON PHONE BOOTH > Ric confirms to Alf over the phone that it is indeed Jones that is the dodgy guard. Alf instructs Ric to keep his head down and not let Jones know that he's onto him. Jones comes over soon after and tells him his time's up with the phone call. He then delivers Ric a cryptic warning that he's only trying to help him.

DINER > Maddie says for Sally, Brad etc to just tell her next time if anything happens, and not keep it from her just because Ric asked. Meanwhile, in the corner of the diner, Tony corners Martha and asks if she wants him to take her shift to ease the pressure. Martha turns down the offer, saying she needs the distraction.

BEACH > Cassie chases down Martha and quizzes her on how things are. After a back-and-forward chat about how hard things have been for Martha lately, Martha expresses her wish that the "Ash chapter" of her life never happened, and walks off.

PRISON (Governor's Office) > Alf is throwing accusations and such at the Governor about the corruption of the guards, and uses his first-hand knowledge from his own prison time to support his claim. The Governor says he'll stand by his men - and the best that he could do at this stage is possibly apply for a transfer. Ultimately however, he suggests that Ric could be acting in desperation and that Johnny could be no threat at all. This remark silences Alf.


PRISON (Visiting Booths) > Alf is explaining to Ric about his meeting with the Governor and the failure it appeared to be. He remarks to Ric that Sally or Brad might have done better but Ric thanks him for his efforts nonetheless. Alf then explains that he might be up for a transfer at worst.

NOAH'S BAR > Martha & Tony discuss bookkeeping, life and then Beth. It is revealed that Hayley needs Beth help a bit longer so her trip may extend a couple more weeks. Martha takes a call from the abortion clinic at Reefton Lakes for her follow up appointment but clearly doesn't want to deal with it, eventually hanging up on the woman. Tony asks who it was, and Martha covers by saying it was a hair appointment - Tony then comedically suggests she change hairdressers given how pushy she was. [if only Tony knew...]

SUMMER BAY HOUSE > Alf gets off the phone from Morag, who is slated to look into the record of the guard Jones. Brad and Sally think there's now little they can do, while the kids are upset that nothin's being done. Once Brad and Sal are gone, Cassie sits down with Maddie, who has a kinda... no, wait... really crazy plan.

NOAH'S BAR > Martha's in the store room drinking. [For some stupid reason] she brings out the drink into the main bar area as she does some cleaning. Alf comes waltzing in (forcing Martha to quickly and lazily hide the booze) and is asking about an order that was to be delivered. Martha says it hasn't come in, so Alf then suggests he go down to the Blaxland. He can't find the keys so he looks around. As Martha is briefly distracted he finds the booze. Martha covers and says it must've been missed in the clean up from the previous night. Alf worries that lazy cleaning could result in a "nice fat fine being slapped on us".

PRISON (Visting Booths) > Maddie is explaining the plan to Ric - he seems to think it could work, and that they have little left to lose. Maddie tries to decipher which guard it is that they need to target as part of their plan.


NOAH'S BAR > Martha has trouble dealing with a customer, and is very blunt with the man about the celery in his fruit juice. Tony comes in at the tail end of the blue and reprimands Martha. He then finds the drink and Martha looks like a deer caught in headlights.

SUMMER BAY HOUSE > Maddie and Cassie are applying the final touches to a tattoo, completing Lucas' "gang member" look. He says he's strangely enough not too nervous about what he's about to do. The trio then launch into how they're going to execute their plan.

PRISON (Outdoor grounds) > Ric sits alone by the fence. A prisoner with a bin and broom comes over and intercepts something from Ric [looked like a tape recorder, couldn't quite make it out]

NOAH'S BAR > Martha spends a few minutes begging Tony to not tell anyone else about the drinking incident. She affirms a promise to come and talk to him if she's struggling with things.

PRISON (Outside carpark) > Lucas addresses Jones as he clocks off his shift. Jones tries to deny being seen but Lucas says it's important Johnny gets this message. Jones then asks what the message is, and to make it quick.

PRISON (Outdoor grounds) > Jones comes waltzing back in and finds Johnny, pushing him in the back. He drags him over for a word. Jones informs Johnny he'll lose his 'privileges' if he's ever confronted like that outside again. Johnny still seems baffled by what he means. Johnny tries to get an identity of 'his' gang member out of Jones, but Jones only relays the message - that the guy who knocked off his brother is ready to turn Johnny in. Johnny looks ropeable and also scared. As Johnny storms off, Ric coughs, and the guy from earlier holds the object in his hand and looks over at Ric.


SUMMER BAY HOUSE > The kids are sitting around depressed. They're offered food but decline. The nervous wait is taking it's toll. Alf then takes a phone call, and accepts the reverse charges.

YABBIE CREEK POLICE > The family rushes in and asks to see Det. Baker


PROMO > Alf, Sal & the evidence is presented, but it's going to take a lot for Peter to look at it - the case is closed. Ric is worried that he may be done for before the case is re-opened and Johnny exposed... then, in the infirmary bed, Johnny corners Ric. Also, Martha and a handsome stranger waayyyyyy kiss.

Hope you all enjoyed that one. JosieTash will be in sometime in the next 24 hours with his IADL awards. Cheers!

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coooooool guide, dodge ,,,,,

Before I get to IADL, I love it when a plan comes together – esp. when that plan is thought up by the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY AWESOME Maddie !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s light pink spaghetti strap top/white singlet top/long white skirt

SILVER – Martha’s choc brown singlet top/white & red Noah’s zip up jacket/short denim shirt

BRONZE – Luke’s black (with a single flower motif) sleeveless t shirt/studded necklace


Alf’s “SBH tartan” button up shirt

Brad’s white (with dark blue vertical pin stripes) button up shirt/sky blue t shirt

Cassie’s black (unknown – rock group? – motif) singlet top

Colleen’s gold (white floral pattern) blouse

Luke’s yellow (grey urban? Motif) t shirt

Ric’s accomplice’s red & blue (horizontal stripe) beanie/ dark green prison t shirt

Ric's dark green prison t shirt

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