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The Fic With No Name!

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Topic Title – The fic with no name!!

Topic Description – Tracey and Eve

Type of story: undecided

Rating: G

Main Characters: Tracey and Eve

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: violence/language/sexual

Is Story being proof read: Yes

Summary: About Eve and Tracey when they first met.

“Hello there! “ said Eve, she’d just met some girl, she liked her, Eve was usually shy when it came to talking to girls, she didn’t usually let on with her sexuality,

“Hi” Tracey replied shyly,

“I’m Maxine, what’s your name?” said Eve motioning for her newly found friend to sit down,

“I’m Tracey, nice to meet you!!” replied Tracey taking Maxine’s gesture and sitting down,

“so what brings a girl like you to a bar like this?” asked Eve looking at Tracey,

“I come here every so often when work gets boring!” replied Tracey, smiling at Maxine,

“same with me, so what do you do for a living??” said Eve, twiddling her fingers,

“I’m a detective, what about you??” replied Tracey through a yawn,

“am I boring you? I used to be a psychiatric nurse, but now I’m just a plain old nurse!” said Eve,

“no no your not boring me I’m just getting tired from working such long hours!” replied Tracey staring at Maxine,

“good, so do you want to come back to my house or should we go to yours?” asked Eve, wanting to get out of the bar, it was to quiet and boring here, Tracey’s company was nice, but it would be better else where, where no people are around,

“um it doesn’t bother me where we go, my house is a bit of a mess, I haven’t had the time to clean up in a few days” replied Tracey, embarrassed from just mentioning how messy her house was, it was that messy she didn’t want to take anyone there right now,

“mine it is then!” said Eve picking up her coat, she walked out, Tracey walking slowly behind her.

Tracey was amazed to see Maxine’s house it was so clean and tidy and big, compared to her own little flat, small and messy, she was glad they decided on Maxine’s house, she would have been to ashamed to take her back to her own place,

“your house is way tidier than mine!!” said Tracey complimenting Maxine on how tidy she kept her house,

“I hired a cleaner that’s why, I hate mess, I cant stand it!” replied Maxine smiling, she hadn’t hired a cleaner she did it all herself, but didn’t want to let Tracey know she stayed at home planning her revenge on the bay just yet,

“did you just now, I think I might have to do the same!” said Tracey looking around,

“you should you’ll notice your house tidier and it’ll smell nice! But one thing it costs a lot!!” replied Maxine, staring into space,

“ha my house needs to be tidied I haven’t done it in weeks!” said Tracey,

“well do you want a drink?” asked Eve, going to the kitchen,

“um yes thanks” said Tracey, pulling out a bar chair from under the kitchen bench, she sat herself on it, whilst Maxine got there drinks, Tracey felt like she’d known Maxine for ever rather than just a few hours, she felt comfortable around her,

“coming right up hunny, just sit tight!!!!” replied Maxine, getting two cups and pouring the drinks into them, she passed one over to Tracey, who had her head in her hands,

“thanks sweetie, I really needed this!” said Tracey sipping on her drink,

“no problem babe, so what’s it like being a detective?” asked Eve, staring at Tracey,

“very very tiring I tell you, it may look like fun chasing all the bad guys but its not fun!!” said Tracey laughing,

“I was going to be a detective one day, but I changed my mind, it looks well hard!” replied Eve smiling over at Tracey,

“were you really Maxine? We could have been partners!!” said Tracey staring over at Maxine, she couldn’t get over how hot she looked, she moved herself closer to Maxine,

“ha ha us partners that would have been a laugh!!” replied Eve, she could feel Tracey’s breath on her cheek, she was so tempted to turn around and kiss her,

“we could have been good together, you never know, so have you got a boyfriend?” asked Tracey,

“um no I’m not into men at all! What about yourself?” replied Eve, a little embarrassed no ones ever asked her that straight up,

“oh my god same, I hate them, its hard working with Detective Baker, he keeps flirting with me, its like ew go flirt with someone else!!” said Tracey laughing, they had one thing in commen, they both hated men,

“did you just say you work with Detective Baker?” asked Eve, staring at Tracey, there faces were so lose they were nearly kissing,

“um yeah why, do you know him?” said Tracey curiously,

“uh no no I’ve just heard his name from somewhere!” replied Eve, leaning in to kiss Tracey, Eve pulled away straight away though,

“what’s wrong? Did I do something?” asked Tracey worriedly,

“uh no you didn’t Trace, I thought I’d tell you who I really am before we do anything more” replied Eve staring at the floor, she was scared to tell Tracey who she really was, what if she didn’t like the real her? What if she hated her for being the summer bay stalker?,

“I already know who you are your Maxine!” said Tracey looking over at Maxine,

“Trace that’s not the whole truth” replied Eve taking off her wig and glasses,

“you you’re the summer bay stalker, why didn’t you tell me from the start Eve!!” said Tracey angrily,

“Trace I couldn’t do that, please don’t be mad!” replied Eve looking at Tracey, she really let her down, she knew she should of told her from the beginning when they first met, but she couldn’t bring herself to, she would of acted the same still,

“I have to tell Peter, Eve I cant keep this to myself, I’m sorry Eve but I have to!!” said Tracey getting out he cell phone from her bag,

“Tracey please don’t do it, I need your help with him, he killed my Sarah, my one true love and now he must pay for it!! Trace can you please help me!!” replied Eve pleading with Tracey to help her get the revenge she wanted,

“Eve, how do you expect me to do that when I work with the guy, I’m his partner!! I wont be able to keep that big a secret!” said Tracey ecstatically,

“Trace you will, you just have to lead him on make him think you like him it’ll be easy!” replied Eve, nearly on her hands and knees, she need Tracey to do this, someone who worked for the police,

“fine I’ll do it Eve!!” said Tracey giving in to Eve,

“thanks Trace, you wont regret this trust me!!” replied Eve happy that Tracey agreed to help her, she didn’t think she would for a second with all that talk,

“but if he figures it out its your fault I’m not going down for this Eve!! I’ll lose my job everything!!” said Tracey warning Eve,

“fine I’ll take full blame, but he’s not going to find out you don’t need to worry about it Trace” replied Eve reassuring Tracey,

“ok so what exactly do you want me to do?” said Tracey, she’d been thinking about being Eve’s accomplice and getting revenge on Peter and she wanted to do it, she hated the guy, maybe he would get the message that she didn’t like him and she never would like him,

“I need you to find out information on what the bay is doing and tell me!!” replied Eve, it sounded quite simple when you come to think of it, Tracey had an easy job to start off with, she’d get the harder jobs later on when she gets used to it,

“that’s simple, Alf has set up a town meeting at the surf club tomorrow at 9:oo am everyone will be there!” said Tracey giving Eve the details for the meeting that’ll be on tomorrow,

“well you go to that, I’m going to blow Peter’s car up whilst he is inside!” replied Eve telling Tracey her plans,

“good plan, that car is his life, though it’s a piece of ****!” said Tracey laughing at the thought of Peters car being blown up, she was getting used to the plan of working with Eve very quickly indeed,

“ha he’ll be very disappointed and upset then, cant wait to see his face babe!!” replied Eve laughing with Tracey the very thought of blowing up his car made her want to go and do it now, but she’d save it for the meeting tomorrow where the whole of the bay will see it happen, he’ll be shamed in front of everyone, poor poor Pete,

“neither can I! Anyways I better get home to bed I’m tired, have to be up early to get to the meeting!!” said Tracey picking up her bag and taking her glass to the sink,

“why don’t you stay here the night, I have plenty of room!” replied Eve, taking Tracey’s bag off her and sitting it back on the couch, Eve was sick of spending her nights alone, she needed company,

“are you sure you want me? I snore!!” laughed Tracey, wanting to take up Eve’s offer,

“I don’t care if you snore, I snore to we’re even, so stay with me the night babe!!” snorted Eve,

“ok I’ll take your offer up then, thanks Eve!!” said Tracey, sitting herself back on the couch next to her bag,

“I’m glad you decided to take my offer up Trace, I need some company, always spend to much time on my own!!” replied Eve smiling over at Tracey.

Tracey was up bright and early the next day, she needed to get ready for the meeting, she had to get there before Eve could do anything, she jumped out of Eve’s bed and ran to the shower, she heard foot steps in the background Eve must be up already, she hurriedly finished her shower, she wanted to have breakfast with Eve before she left,

“good morning babe!!” Said Eve happily, she enjoyed her night with Tracey, they ended up sleeping in the same bed,

“Morning, god you snore loud!!” replied Tracey laughing, she got out the cereal she wanted and poured some into two plates,

“hey you can talk lil miss snore herself off the bed!!” said Eve laughing along with Tracey, she pulled a chair out from under the table while Tracey got her breakfast, she wasn’t used to being waited on like this,

“I so did not fall off the bed, you kicker!!” teased Tracey, putting Eve’s plate down in front of her, her leg was still sore kind of from when Eve kicked her half way through the night,

“just like I didn’t kick you huh!!” said Eve through a mouth full of cereal,

“ok ok I admit I fell out of the bed, but you still kicked me!!” replied Tracey smiling at Eve whilst eating her breakfast,

“and I admit that I kicked you and I’m sorry for doing it I’m not used to having someone sleep with me in my bed!” said Eve swallowing her last spoonful of cereal, she got up and took both hers and Tracey’s plate and put them in the sink,

“ok well I better get going, see you soon yeah?” replied Tracey picking up her bag and getting her keys from her side pocket of her bag,

“half an hour babe, love you!!” said Eve kind of embarrassed from telling Tracey she loved her, she hoped she hadn’t scared her off,

“love you to sweetie!!” replied Tracey walking out to her car.

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