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Welcome to the Vault


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Welcome to the vault.

BTTBs storage facility for fanfics that have been abandoned, neglected or forgotten.

The cut off point for stories was mid - September so stories that haven't been touched in 5 months have been moved into the vault.

If your story is in here but you're planning to continue it please PM a librarian and they will move it back out for you.

If you have a story on the forum you have no plans to complete please PM us letting us know if you'd like it deleted or moving to the vault.

If you find any stories that are finished PM one of us and we'll move it to the NDL.

I'll keep this thread open for any questions you may have.


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I think we ought to have some really dramatic music on in "The Vault."

And maybe when you click on "The Vault" or any links in "The Vault" there should be a sound of a big, heavy metal door slamming shut. Or maybe one of those big wheels turning, and the sound of it slowly shifting open.

Actually, when you initially click on "The Vault" it should go onto another page, where there is a man with a really low, spooky voice who says "Do you dare enter 'The Vault'?" Then when you click yes, it makes the wheel spinning, big heavy, door shifting sound, and you go in with all the dramatic, spooky music. And then when you go into a fic, it does the same door sound. :)

And finally, when you're leaving "The Vault" there could be the same man laughing evilly, who says "I hope you enjoyed your time at 'The Vault'. Come again soon." Then continues to laugh...

Sorry, got a tad carried away there. :P

Edited by Nicom
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Oh Nicole, Nicole. I tell you what you compose the suitable sound effects, figure out how the hell you can use them on invision and we'll bully Chris into using them.

Or in the meantime you can use your imagination and be content that we've created something that not only tidies up the wonderful fic forum you love so much but also keeps you occupied by letting you dream up lots of cool hidden extras for it. :P

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