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Always Losing

Guest Evil_gummy_shark

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Type of story: Unsure

Rating: A for future chapters

Main Characters: Belle, Kelli, Lucas, Drew, Amanda

Genre: Agnst and a few others

Warnings: Current Australian spoilers, sort of

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: She thought she knew what she wanted, in the process she lost what she needed Belle/Lucas

A/N: I’m still heartbroken over the soon to be Belle/Lucas break up *nods* So I had to write something. Hehe. Though a lot of it is Belle family angst

She was once told she was too smart for her own good, that was proved when she started to wonder about Kelli. Something seemed so off about her, so fake. She had told Drew a few days after they got back together, he laughed and told her she was being paranoid. That pissed her off to no end. Then she started to thinking, maybe he was right.

She made an effort to ignore the feeling deep in the pit of her stomach. When Kelli invited her over for ‘auntie bonding’ she asked if Drew could come, luckily she agreed. That’s when it happened, her phone rang and the ring tone reminded her off that night, and she had a flash, heard a voice in a memory she had forgotten or pushed far down so she would never have to think about it. Kelli was behind her abduction.

She ran out without no explanation and she continued to run, she felt as if she would collapse to the ground or at the very least her lungs would explode on her. She made it to the beach, but she still felt like she had to run, she didn’t know why, she didn’t have a rational reason.

She collided into someone and tumbled to the ground.

“Belle?” Of course it had to be the voice of Lucas. He didn’t seem angry maybe that was because she clearly a complete and utter mess, shaking uncontrollably, desperately trying to catch her breath with a terrified look in her eyes like someone was after her.

“It…was….her” She managed to get out through gasps for air.

“Belle, what?” He asked “Did Drew do something?” He asked, Belle shock her head taking a few moments before speaking again.

“Kelli” She said “It was her” She explained her breath returning slightly.

“What about her?” He asked

“She ab…” She was cut off.

“Belle!” Drew’s voice said as he ran over, Lucas concerned was replaced by anger as he got up and walked away with no answer. Drew took his place, but she couldn’t help but think this isn’t the same “What happened?” He asked

“Nothing” She shrugged, why was she ready to tell Lucas the truth but couldn’t tell her boyfriend?

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