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Guest Belle.

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Belle & Drew

Romance, Angst


By Belle.

Warning: The real episode airs this Friday, so this will contain spoilers to some extent.

This is just my ponderings of what might happen.

Do not read it if you don't want to know what happens.

Constructive criticism appreciated.


There she was, sitting across the room on a bar stool, a cool drink in hand and her fingers gently teasing the ends of her dark hair. Her eyes were downward in thought and she appeared to be oblivious to the vibrant atmosphere around her; the dancing lights, pounding music and freely poured drinks off the bar.

I noticed Luc wasn’t with her. He must’ve excused himself, or been caught up by someone else at the party. Even so, I was pleased that Belle was alone even for just a moment so I could take in her beauty without having to feel the jealousy that panged through my body as Lucas held her in his arms.

I watched her lips enviously as she took a sip from her glass. She graciously placed the tall glass back onto her coaster and absentmindedly brushed the condensation from the sides with her finger. She looked miserable.

Partygoers around us danced frantically, despite the thick sticky air in the surf club. I was sure I saw Mr Stuart turning on the air conditioning earlier that evening, but then again, Colleen had invited the whole town to the Hospital Ball, so I wasn’t surprised that it was so crowded in here.

I tore my eyes away from Belle as I felt someone sit down beside me. It was Lucas.

“Hey mate, how’s your night been so far?” I asked him, noticing that he too seemed to be rather annoyed and dejected tonight. Luc exhaled loudly.

“Where do you want me to start?” he said sarcastically, “Belle’s been acting strangely all week, and I don’t even know what’s wrong,”

“Well have you asked her?” I said bluntly, my attention falling back to her as she sat at the bar, now talking to Mattie. Luc was oblivious to my gaze, as he kept pondering to himself.

“I’ve tried,” he replied, “she won’t tell me… I don’t know what I’ve done. Ever since… y’know… the ‘lunch that didn’t happen’ she’s been… distracted and moody,”

This got my attention and I looked at Lucas who was now looking at Belle sadly. I felt pity for Lucas. He was quite obviously besotted, which left me a little edgy.

“Look mate, keep trying to talk to her,” I suggested, not entirely sure if I was doing him a favour or not. I knew why Belle was acting this way, and I knew I felt exactly the same way. “I’m sure you’ve done nothing wrong,”

“Thanks,” Luc breathed as a slower song came on. People began to pair off to slow-dance. He stood from the couch beside me and made his way over to Belle at the bar. I watched as she feigned a smile and took the hand he’d offered her as she allowed herself to be led onto the dance floor.

I watched enviously as Luc’s hand lay to rest on her waist, and the other held her hand tightly beside them. I noticed the tension between both of them, and watched as Lucas began to talk quietly to her. Her body went rigid in his arms and she looked away from him.

“What are you doing?” Lisa’s asked, interrupting my thoughts. I tore my gaze from Belle to look up at her. She held two glasses of OJ in both hands. She placed them down on the table in front of us and sat down beside me.

“You’ve barely said a word all night,” she noted, taking a mouthful of her drink. I shrugged.

“Nothin’, I’m just tired,” I lied. Lisa groaned,

“Okay. Fine, but I’m not stupid Drew. I’ve seen you watching Belle all night!” she mentioned. I looked sharply at her. Her eyes pleaded with me.

“Are you still in love with her?” she asked softly, trying to meet my gaze. I couldn’t deny it, but I couldn’t admit it either. Desperately trying to think of something to say, I ran my fingers through my hair, frustrated.

Apparently my lack of words confirmed Lisa’s suspicions.

“I thought as much,” she said angrily, standing up quickly. I looked up at her as she crossed her arms around her middle.

“Lisa…” I tried to explain, but she wouldn’t hear it. I stood up quickly, taking her hand, but she shrugged me away.

“No!” she yelled, stepping back from me. A few partygoers turned to look at us. “Why did you string me along like this?! What did you think I could fill the gap until Belle came back?! You USED ME DREW!” Lisa spat, I tried desperately to reason with her. More people stopped dancing and began looking at us.

Before I knew what was happening, Lisa had grabbed my drink and thrown it at me before slamming the empty glass back onto the table and storming off. The sticky wet OJ was seeping through my shirt and onto my skin.

By this time, everyone had stopped dancing and was now looking at me. Including Belle. She looked shocked. I looked her in the eye before making a retreat out the back door.

The air outside was thick and hot, and I half-wished I’d stayed inside in the air conditioning. I walked to the pine fence overlooking the beach and slammed my hands down on it in rage. I immediately regretted it when I felt a surge of pain through my hands.

I swore loudly, grasping my throbbing hands. I sighed and looked out at the beach below. The water was dark and large waves crashed onto the sand momentarily before being drawn back out to sea.

When I felt I’d cooled down enough (well, emotionally anyway), I turned to go back inside but was shocked to see someone standing behind me.

“Belle,” I acknowledged, not wanting to meet her eye. Her arms were around her waist protectively, and she stepped toward me cautiously.

“What happened?” she asked softly, looking up at me.

I didn’t reply for a moment, thinking about what to say to her.

“Lisa… and I are over,” I told her. She looked momentarily shocked, looking me in the eye for more of an explanation. I sighed. I may as well tell her the truth.

“Taylor,” I began, “For weeks now… it’s been, intense, between you and me, and…” I confessed, trying to find the right words. Belle stood in front of me, still unspeaking.

“…and I’m still in love with you,” I admitted, biting the bullet. Belle looked shocked, her arms falling to her sides. “I’ve tried to fight it… I’ve tried to deny it but I can’t anymore. I love you, Taylor,”

Belle’s expression was unreadable, and for a second I thought she might have another go at me, but she didn’t say a word.

“I don’t expect you to say anything,” I said quietly, moving to walk away but she stopped me. We stood looking at each other in silence for what felt like hours, until she opened her mouth to speak,

“I love you too,” she said timidly, her voice almost inaudible. Hearing her finally say it made me feel so… contented. I just wanted to take her in my arms and never let go, but I couldn’t move. I was waiting to wake up and realise this was all a dream, but the feeling of sticky orange juice on my skin reminded me I was definitely awake.

I looked down at Belle who hadn’t moved. My gaze fell on her lips, pink and slightly swollen. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes shone despite the darkness. She shuddered slightly as I found our bodies becoming exceedingly close. My heart hammered in my chest as I felt her sweet breath on my lips. In the moment of this painful intensity, I moved my hand to touch her waist. I heard her breathing hitch and become ragged as I drew her closer to me. This time, she didn’t pull away when our lips touched, nor did she leave a painful red mark on my jaw line. I smiled to myself, finally having her back in my arms as she deepened the kiss. Moments past and we found ourselves needing to pull away, our bodies screaming out for air.

I looked her in the eye, seeing her smile for the first time in weeks before wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close. She pressed her head to my chest, closing her eyes.

No more words needed to be shared between us to let the other know that this is what we both wanted, and as I moved to kiss her again, I lost myself in the passion of Belle Taylor.



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