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Thurs 21 Feb 07 - " Kimmy CAN Act !!! “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Kimmy CAN Act !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 21 Feb 07 - Episode # 4359)

Upon discovering that the hospital charity ball venue has been fire damaged, colleen offers the surf club as a venue, se then ropes in the likes f Irene alf, Dan, kimmy, Rachel, kit & Tony to assets with prepare the surf club for ball.

Naturally, colleen (like xmas pagenmat is a total dictator and drives everyone mad – as they decorate the place with gold statue of ppl with V athletic poses etc.

During this time, kit sees that a James is ringing her mobile. She doesn’t take toe call- but he later texts her, insists that he needs to speak to her.

Back to9 the decorating, and just after alf decides that its time for a bathroom break, kimmy volunteers to see if a chandelier is work. When he ascends the ladder to put the chandelier in place, kimmy fulls backwards. Rachel rushes to him. Kimmy writhes inpai8n when she touch his foot. Rachel thinks maybe broken (can tell they lying.

Tony, kit ^& co assist Rachel taking Kimmy out of the surf club – leaving Alf alone with colleen when he re enter the room. Colleen insist they’ll still have to finish decorate etc the place tonight.

Kimmy & racvhel & co enter the diner laughing about how they fooled colleen but they are concerned for Alf.

As peter demands to know what is u8ndr sink, Kelli steps in – insist that its surprise wed gift. When peter out of room, manda thanks kelli.

She then gets phone call form ethan – to meet him on a counrety road for the drug deal. Kellie insist on come with (despite Ethan saying Amanda must ne alone).

Manda meets with Ethan, and soon after give someone in a passing mercerdes Benz the drugs. Ethan then sees Kelli in car,. Chase after Amanda who gets in car and tries to speed off. etahn gets hold off car – but falls to ground as speed increase./

He not move – car stops, and Kelli goes to check. Sys no pulse – but “suggest” that they should bail.

Meanwhile, at diner, peter ask Dan to be best man

When manda & Kelli home, peter has a surprise – a wedding planner named faith. Amanda can’t seem to concentrate, but Kelli takes her into kitchen and insist that she holds it together. Kelli will check on Ethan.

When Kelli return to scene off crime, ethan is totally fine – Kelli informs Amanda that she was disposed of the body.

Kelli then tells ethan that all is gong so well – Amanda is a wreck (end of ep)


Cassie wombats to move back to the bay – sounds like macca hits her.

Kit’s ex James is in town – and surprised that she is preggers.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kelli’s white (with red asymmetric retanagle motif) spaghetti strap dress

SILVER – Rachel’s black vest/orange & blue top/red long skirt

BRONZE – Leah’s white V shaped spaghetti strapped top


Alf's white (blue check) button up shirt

Amanda’s pink hooded long sleeve jacket

Colleen’s orange top/white (floral) blouse

Dan’s olive green “frontier” polo shirt

Faith’s off white jacket

Irene’s light brown singlet top

Kimmy’s white (starry shield) t shirt

Kit’s green v neck top

Peter’s grey stylish button up shirt

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