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The Difference Between You & I

Guest Pierced Musie

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Story Title: The Difference Between You & I

Type of story: long fic (10 chapters?)

Main Characters: Ric Dalby, Johnny Cooper and Caleb Baker (original character).

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Ric has been sentenced and heading to prison with Johnny. While his friends try to rescue him, all Ric can do is take Johnny's punishment. That is until his cellmate comes from solitary confinement. Has Ric found help or has he found someone worse than Johnny? Slowly, ever so slowly, Ric begins to find out just who Caleb Baker is. That is when the chaos really begins.


Prisoner #697235, Eric Dalby.

It was over. The trial was over, and so was Ric Dalby's life on the outside. Even after hours of silence, he could still hear his girlfriends sobs as the verdict was read. Still hear the protests from his friends and family as he was taken away to his new life. He hadn't looked at them, opting to stare at the ground to avoid more pain and suffering. Whether he did that for himself or for the people he loved, he did not know. He had just followed the guards and did everything they demanded, still numb and in a daze.

That had been hours ago and yet Ric could not bring himself back. All he could do was stare at the walls that he would have to look at for the next eighteen years. No more and certainly no less. They would make sure of that.

Ric hadn't expected to be alone in his cell but when he had asked, he had been told a cellmate would be joining him soon. He couldn't decide whether to be thankful of the company or whether to worry about his possible cellmate. All he did know was that right now, being alone in that cell was a bad thing.

"Lights out!" came a shout, jolting Ric out of his thoughts. He glanced at the door, watching as the guards began locking the prisoners into their cells.

Just as he was about to look away and settle down, Ric finally caught a glimpse of him. He saw the look on his face, the wicked grin that was aimed at him. At that moment, Ric realized that being alone was a blessing. After all, it could have been worse.

If locking the door kept Johnny Cooper out, Ric would welcome the idea of being locked in that cell forever. It was bad enough that he knew his life would be made pure hell through the long hours, that would be day. Right now Ric Dalby loved being...alone.

To Be Continued...

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:o That was awesome indeed!!! You're a really good writer. Clearly some obsessions turn out to be excellent motivation :P

I hope you don't mind me asking this...but can you make the font a bit bigger, cause i'm really bad when it comes to reading of the screen and can't read certain fonts/sizes. Please :D *sighs* call me blind if you have to, but it would make reading it so much easier. Thank you.

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