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I know there are a lot of avatar contests going on at the moment but this is one with a twist. As normal you will be given either a topic of picture to make an avatar out of then you will pm your entry to me and write beside it a number between 1 and 8. There will be hopefully 8 entries and they will all have a number each. Now the number you pick will be the number you challenge, the two entries will be compared and put up for vote and the winner will pick another number between 1 and the remaining 4, and so on until we have our winner. Now because this process sounds long we need to get it up and running soon so if you want to do it leave your name i will accept 8 names if there is popular demand i will accept 10. So heres the first challenge:

Make an avatar out of at least 1 of the following screen caps:




and for you Martha and Jack lovers:


I will give details of entry deadlines and so on after i have my entrants

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Basically just make an avatar and send it to me with an number between 1 and 8 beside i will explain the rest as we go along. Its just basically like you are only up against one person to start with and then if they are eliminated you are up against the winner from another pair, confusing i know!

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OK i have done a simple diagram for those who don't understand, each round an avatar goes up against another, the one with the most votes goes on to the next round. Sorry about the drawing:


get it?

Oh well then i can give them a choice of the left over numbers, if its too much hassle then i will just number them as they come eg. i have received the first entry so it can be 1

whos up for it?

Closing date for entrants to register is Monday 26th February 10.00pm GMT

Entries in by Thursday 28th 10.00pm GMT

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