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Type of Story Oneshot

Rating T

Main Characters Eve Jacobsen, Laura McPherson

Genre Angst

Warnings Hints of minimal violence and death

Is Story being proof read No

Summary Eve's haunted by guilt - a feeling she's experiencing for the first time - and visits the McPherson residence two weeks after the tyre factory explosion in search of forgiveness.

Inspired By Here's the theme song; Missing by Evanescence. Imagine it sung from Laura's POV, it'll make the story more understandable. [ download | lyrics ]

She glared at her reflection in the mirror of the dead girl's dresser. Her neutral green dress reminiscent of who she was pretending to be back in Summer Bay, her uncontrolled mound of blonde curls let loose to bounce with each movement she made. Smiling back at her was that taunting gaze she tried to escape.

A voice emanating from amidst the doorway called to her, giving her no choice but to turn around and see who the intruder was.

"Who are you?"

Students rushed across the busy campus in order to avoid being late to their next class. All was fast apart from one girl. She stood there, perfectly still, immune from the chaotic noise around her. Eve Jacobsen scanned the area for her friend, dressed in black pants and tank top, a bronze piece of material and her hair tied back loosely, making her look that much more feminine.

Zoe McCallister was running late. There was probably a rational explanation, like a talkative tutor holding her back, or making sure that she handed in the right notes. She was always precocious and perfectionate. One of the traits of nursing; you learn to get yourself a routine real quick. At least you did if you wanted to make it, the last thing you wanted to do when you graduated at training college is mix medical files at whatever health facility that you would later work in.

Coming up empty with her scan of the area, Eve turned around and picked up a foot just millimetres from the ground, the sunlight beaming down heated the pavement, burning into the soles of her boots, where a platinum blonde bumped into her.

"Oh my god," The girl looked up at her apologetically, cradling various textbooks and papers in her arms. "I am so sorry! Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Eve chuckled. "I'm fine."

Eve stood back and wiped her hands down the sides of her jeans, looking at the accident-prone girl from an angle. Noticing that she shared more or less the same body type, from what she could tell, she held out her hand and smirked, masked behind a serene smile. A new plan had just sparked up in her rushed and overactive mind.

"I'm Eve, by the way."

"Laura." The student introduced herself as, shaking the other woman's hand. "It was nice bumping into you."

Eve raised an eyebrow seductively, making Laura blush. "Oh, really?"

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Staring back at her was the dead girl's parents, the eerie music of melancholy echoed off of their very presence.

"My name's Eve."

The faint sound of water dripping echoed from the hollow walls of the tyre factory. The sunlight raked through the grated windows and shone on Laura, unconscious and bound to a chair, just metres away from the feedroom where Sally Fletcher was restrained.

The sun's searing rays pierced through Laura's enclosed eyelids, a painful orange burned, making her slowly regain the consciousness that had been temporarily deactivated due to that insulin her apparent friend injected into her neck, hours earlier in the car. A few moments after that everything went black.

She struggled to support her head, so tired and aching, barely managing to look up through blurred vision at the silhouette that loomed over her. "Eve?"

"What's happening?" Laura fought back the urge to panic and failed. "What is this?"

"There was someone else, before you," Eve began to explain, twisting the cap off of the bottled water in her hand. "Her name was Sarah. This town - these people - they killed her, so I'm doing back to them what they did to her."

She ignored Laura's panicked facial expression and glared at her blankly, devoid of emotion, as she crouched down and held the bottle of water to her captive's mouth. "Here, drink this. You must be thirsty."

Laura reluctantly did as she was instructed, still confused; what had happened to the quite and sweet woman she knew? The moments when she would look at her and her whole face lit up. Was it all a lie? Was she gone? Who is this person?

Eve removed the bottle from Laura's mouth and screwed the cap back on, dropping it to the floor with a thud by her hostage's foot. The dirt from the ground clung on to the cool and wet plastic of the bottle.

"What are you going to do to me?" Laura's breathing hardened, she looked up at her once precious friend, searching for something - anything - that could somehow explain it. She wanted her Eve back.

"We're switching places." Eve enigmatically revealed, not helping erase the confusion which resided over the poor girl tied to the chair with ropes. Ropes which burned into her wrists like fire.

"What the hell does that mean?" Laura screamed silently from inside. Her words coming out broken. "Please. I'm begging you, don't do this."

Eve looked down at her apologetically. Blank. She didn't want to hurt her, she liked this girl, but she had no choice. She was a sacrifice; her life for her own. A second chance.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm a friend of Laura's."


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