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Interview with Mark Furze

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Home or Away

Home and Away and Soapstar Superstar's Mark Furze compares the UK with Down Under...

Australian or British Girls?

"I haven't met many British girls so I'd say Australian. I'm sure British girls are lovely too though!"

Australian or British Soaps?

"I would have to say Australian since I'm in one. I've not seen Hollyoaks before, but I've seen the others. They're really dramatic, but seem a bit depressing!"

Kylie or Cheryl?

"I only discovered Girls Aloud when I came to the UK. I don't know which is which! They're all lovely to look at, but I prefer them with the sound down!"

Sunshine or Snow?

"Definately sunshine! It's really hot in Sydney where I live so it was a bit of a shock coming to the UK - it's so cold and it gets dark early here!"

Surfing or Snowboarding?

"I like skating so snowboarding would be a natural thing for me to try. Considering I practically live on the beach at Home and Away, it's pretty bad that I haven't got round to surfing yet!"

Actor or Singer?

"That's really tough because I like both. I really enjoyed Soapstar Superstar in the UK, but I love acting too. If I had to choose I'd say music, but not just singing - I like playing the drums and guitar too."

Ozzie Rules or Football?

"Oh football! We call it soccer, but I'm a big fan of the Premiership in England and support Liverpool."

Nicole Kidman or Keira Knightley?

"Keira because she's more my age and I think she'd suite me better. She's lovely!"

BBQ or Sunday Roast?

"I have like seven barbies a week with my flatmate, but I would have to say a roast Dinner. That would be more of a treat."

SOURCE *Shout (UK) No:365 Feb 15-28*

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