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My "Graphics"

Guest Traceve

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Rule - If your going to comment please don't laugh! :wink:

If you want to use one which I doubt you will, Please do not hot link and please credit

I have been making graphics since before Christmas.. and suck.. but I thought I would post some to get some constructive criticism! :P

Dixie Chicks



1 Dixie Chicks Set.



Mark and Rachael - It Takes Two 2006.


Havent quite got the hang of blends yet :P

1 Blend


Trish Gates

1 Blend

Home and Away - This is a Home and Away forum! :P



EDIT: I forgot to mentoin that this thread WILL contain spoilers!

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Thanks Kat, also thanks for the tip. I did have photoshop but that expired so at the moment im using ImageReady..

Heres the rest, that didnt fit in the last post! :P



Panda :wub:


Bonnie Tyler


Chrissie - Here is a link to a Daniel Bennett (Home and Aways ex script Writer) av!

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I love both the Dixie Chicks set. They're both stunning. Oh, and I personally, really love the DB av. :P [hint: L**** isn't quite right for it, if you ask me :P ]

You know that I already love your work, right? Well, the ones that you've shown me anyway. Great job for your first attempts and keep it up. :D

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