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A Day in the Life

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I recently joined a LJ-community where they arrange "A Day in the Life". Basically, they have pre-decided dates (like Feb 23 2007) where those signed up awake, live, and go to sleep with their camera. The deal is that you take a lot of pictures of your daily life. Try to take a bit experimental shots and at the end of the day (or the day after, for that matter) post the best shots in a post. Then, people vote for the most "interesting" day.

* Feb 20: Sign-up deadline

* Feb 23: Day in the Life. This is the day when the shots will be made.

* Feb 27: Deadline for posting submissions.

* Mar 1: Voting ends.

These have joined the first round:






-Tainted Muse




If you wanna join, just leave your name.

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Lol. You could say that this is a way to see more positive aspects of your ordinary days. Look for stuff you don't normally notice - the shape a shoelace makes, or the formation of clouds.

These are some of the pictures I entered for my first ditl (with captions):



"Off to take a shower"





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