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Thurs 15 Feb 07 - " Some Normality In Abnormal Times “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Some Normality In Abnormal Times “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 15 Feb 07 - Episode # 4354)

Note – apologies. I missed first 5 minutes pf this ep (bus way late)

Amanda looks V unsure of herself as she enters the hospital. She speaks to nurse Julie who just happens to be the duty nurse that day.

Soon after, Amanda hits the emergency button in a patient’s room. Whilst nurse Julie etc rush to the patient’s assistance, Amanda grabs the keys to the drug room – and gets THAT morphine.

At diner, Peter & Dan talk about how things are going. Peter tells Dan that things are going totally well with he & Amanda.

Soon after, manda meets Ethan up the road from the diner. She hands him the drugs – but he insists that, V soon, she will be helping him sell the drugs. Amanda protest – but Ethan insists its only way to keep Peter.

Manda goes home – and phones peter, insists that she needs to tell him something (that can’t tell over the [phone)

Soon after, Dan arrives (with Ryan’s beach gear – boogie board etc). Dan tells Amanda how wonderfully happy peter is – so, Of course, when peter arrives, Amanda DOESN’T tell him. She insists that she just was waaaaaaaaaay missing him (even though only apart for a few hours).

Ric, Maddie, Cassie, Macca & Alf are at the vph. Sally & brad there too. Ric & Maddie are way worry bout trail tomorrow. Casssie suggest that she, Ric & Maddie should go to the beach, to relieve some tension, and get some normality in partic Ric’s life.

Indeed, Ric (in new bord shorts), Maddie & Cassie enjoy the beach.

When they return, Ric gets a phone call form a guy named Mick – who says that he knows who killed Rocco.

Mick arrives ay the vph soon after. He tells Ric, Cassie & Maddie that a guy called Dave Carson bashed Rocco – on Johnny’s instruction.

Mick says that although he won’t testify on court (too afraid of john) will sign statement and hand to police, on way out of town – with a plane ticket to Perth & $3000 *(that Ric will provide him).

When they get home, sally, Alf & brad not keen on the idea – but ric convince them, whilst maddie (to cassie) way expresses her concerns for ric\) and Cassie admits how much she is miss bay.

Ric goes to surf club – and says hello to Mick, who say that ric must have the wrong person. Ric manhandles Mick, so Alf & brad intervene. Mick whispers “Johnny says good luck for tomorrow’

When they get home, ric is really rally down about things, which prompts maddie to bail.

Ric follows her to the hunter house – where she admits to him how much she will miss him if he goes to jail (end of ep)


Will the under oath Maddie destroy Ric’s chances of freedom (re when Ric said “I’ll kill you” to Rocco)

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s pink (with red dots) bikini top/white (red hearts) shorts

SILVER – Sally’s white (green, viney) singlet top

BRONZE – Colleen’s white (light blue & purple floral) top


Alf’s blue (yellow check) button up shirt

Amanda’s orangey brown spangly v neck top)

Brad’s white (dark pin stipe) shirt

Cassie’s rainbow kini top/purple singlet/bright yellow shorts

Dan’s blue & white horizontal ‘blocks’ polo shirt

Ethan’s purple (orange crest) t shirt

Irene’s red scoop neck t shirt

Kelli’s white (green leafy) thin strap top

Leah’s green halter top

Maddie’s aqua thin strap top

Mick’s olive green (motif unknown) t

Nurse Julie’s white (blue tri pattern) blouse

Peter’s black suit/white button up shirt

Ric’s bright orange board shorts/black ‘screamfeeder” t

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