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Calendar Contest #5

Guest loobieloo

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I like the picture in the first but the font and messy pink lines put me off it.

I also like the pictures in the second,although it could be clearer but again the font spoils it.

The third has a good picture and a nice font,I also like the 3 small pictures and that it is all pink matching the main picture.

My vote goes to number 3.

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Firstly, my opinions:

Entry #1: It's a good attempt, but it looks a tad rushed and scruffy. I don'y particularly like the text or the colour. And it doesn't help that you can't see the spaces in the letters. Also, I'm not keen on the way the spaces in the calendar have been filled in, I think it would have been better if they'd have left it blank.

Entry #2: This is good, I love the taped edges! However, I think it would have been better if perhaps the polaroids were the same size? I also don't like the fact that the date has been circled, it seems so out of place. A good attempt again.

Entry #3: Now this one I love! It's so simple and pretty. I like the fact that the 3 mini pictures are all taken from the same photo shoot and that the colours all co-ordinate (ie. The text, the border and -interestringly- Sharni's bikini).

So yes, my vote goes to #3. Well done. :) Good luck all of you and they're all good attempts.

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I love number one, but there's something about it that I can't pull myself to vote for it....if you know what I mean.

Number 3, I know this will sound unfair, but it's sort of the same as usual. The ones that win are usually that kind of style.

I think number 2 is different. I love the taped sides and I love the themed valentines day, thing....

Well done to all entries!

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Not really a fan of the font used on the first one, but I love the pic of Sharni chosen.

I like the Valentine theme on number 2.

I adore the large pic of Sharni on the third one, also the layout used.

My vote goes to number 3, but well done to all those who entered :)

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#1 - Nice choice of picture, not a fan of the font used but don't mind the table.

#2 - Love the valentines theme, can see alot of effort has been put into it and the taped up effect but yeah i agree the polaroids would look better the same size.

#3 - Simple yet effective, i love the glow behind the text, the border and the three little pictures! Looks professional because there is no table and the numbers are just on the calendar almost like resting on the beach.

So vote goes to #3. :)

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#1 - I love the colouring and the font used in the text, and the picture really fits with the background and the writing. The 'messy' pink lines do it for me though, I like the way that they sort of stand out, but sort of blend in too, if that makes any sense.

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