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The X-Files

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Squeeze/Tooms, and Ice are some of my favourites too :) Ice in particular, because I love episodes of any series where the main cast is acting crazy and out of character. Also trying to kill each other. Good times. Also there was a dog! David Duchovny's, I think. Unless that's some piece of trivia that's been garbled with something else over the years. Either way, it was a nice dog. For a while...

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I'm currently rewatching the XF and up to the dreaded season 8. I say dreaded because a lot of people don't seem to like it much because of the absent Mulder.

I must admit, I don't mind it too much now that I've gotten used to John Doggett but I hated Monica. She never grew me on me like Doggett did.

I hated Kersh but he came through in the end.

I also loved the fact my favourite character, Skinner got more involved. We even see the big guy cry (sort of) at the end of season 7 and shoot his tormentor in season 8.

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